Nicole in Taiji, Japan exposing the dolphin slaughters and captures

My name is Nicole McLachlan, I’m a 23 year old Australian ocean advocate, my greatest passion is to bring awareness to marine conservation issues and also teach an appreciation for our wild oceans and marine ecosystems to the youth of the world.

Here on this site, I share my story- focusing on exposing and educating others on marine and environmental conservation issues- both at home in Australia and worldwide.

Nicole filming Whale Sharks, Exmouth, Western Australia

Nicole filming Whale Sharks, Exmouth, Western Australia

My passion has resulted in my travelling all over the world to work with marine life and the youth: some of my conservation work includes: educational talks at schools, universities and events, working as a marine educator on the Great Barrier Reef, direct action activism (including documenting the captive marine mammal trade and slaughter centred in Taiji, Japan as part of Sea Shepherd’s ongoing campaign there), as well as film making- I am currently in the process of creating a teen marine conservation documentary titled, ‘In Our Hands’.

You can subscribe to my Facebook and Youtube Channels to follow updates and videos! Or if you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at:


Nicole with youth at a Gold Coast shark conservation rally.

Nicole with youth at a Gold Coast shark conservation rally.

I’m currently undertaking a global marine conservation youth project to educate and inspire young adults, teenagers and children to get involved in protecting our oceans. The project is called In Our Hands with a simple mission to empower kids and younger generations to speak up for their future! To learn more about it or to get involved yourself, click HERE!

Thanks for the support, and for following my path to protect!


  1. Have you heard anything about how the earth quake and tsunami has affected the operations in Taiji?

  2. Stop killing everywhere, we need peace and freedom to work on many projects, that our kids can also have an short trip in this wonderful SPACE, where we are living all together.

  3. As a dive instructor and fellow conservationist trying to bring awareness myself all I can say is that we definitely need more people like you in the world. Awesome stuff!!

  4. What you’re doing is absolutely awesome. The killing of marine life has gone on for too long. I watched a doco on shark finning tonight and was disgusted that there is no protection for those wonderful creatures either. Sea Shepard and people like yourself do a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi, im a marine biology student in Hull, UK id just like to say what your doing is amazing and i will definately spread the word. Keep it up!!

    Best wishes

  6. The most beautiful video on an ugly subject I’ve ever seen. Great timing with the soundtrack too. Thanks for doing this.

  7. The most beautiful video on an ugly subject. Great timing with the soundtrack too. Thanks for doing this.

  8. I was wondering if you could post the actual web address of the video on your main page. I wanted to ‘share’ it but as soon as the video is over it just goes back to your page (I’m on my phone). Keep doing what you’re doing. It is very much appreciated.

  9. those idiots should be punished!!
    they ruined the natural food chain..
    it may cuase us too much trouble if they still
    kill the dolphins…

  10. well done Nicole
    you are one of many special Australian young ladies who is speaking how we feel about killing even the dolphins..
    i would like to see again Harmony, Love and gratitude towards Nature and Earth..
    Keep the good persistent work and i look forward to meet you..
    God Bless you Girl 🙂

  11. hi am am a student in elementry and you are my insperation i am going to ask my teacher to write letters to japan to sop killing dolphins and wells your going down japan

  12. Nicole you are obviously a person who cares strongly about the planet and protecting its inhabitants.
    Keep the faith – and I pray more youth follow your path.

    I’m the volunteer media advisor for numerous environment projects here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Zaagkii Wings and Seeds Project, the Earth Keeper Initiative, the Earth Healing Initiative and more – all created by the nonprofit Cedar Tree Institute.

    We have youtube (and other) channels and wordpress/blogspot blogs.

    Right now our biggest fight- is trying to stop the Rio Tinto/Kennecott nickel and silver mine that will pollute Lake Superior and will destroy the Yellow Dog Plains and sacred Eagle Rock – all in the name of greed.

    Anyway – was impressed by your heart and had encourage you to keeping fighting the good fight.

  13. Nicole, I applaud your courage and your strength of character in sticking to your convictions and standing up for your beliefs. As a fellow Aussie, I’m proud of you and what you’re doing. I met Nao in Bunbury, WA and share her love for the bottlenose dolphins there and all over the world. I’ve also spent time in Japan and believe that the people at large lack awareness of the situation in Taiji, despite it happening in their own backyard, and helping to spread the word is one of the most valuable things you can do to help to end the slaughter. Keep up the good work and stay true to your heart, and you WILL make a difference.

  14. Nicole, I will be following along with you, and reading of your conservation efforts. Again, you are encouraging to me. Best of luck, young lady. Sharon

  15. Nicole great job, I am one of the varsity college students and even though it was a while back I am still very touched by the information you gave us. (Also when you scared us :))

  16. Hey, you talked at my school today. Alot of my friends and myself inculded were inspired by what you do and what you are trying to do. Keep up your AMAZING work!

  17. take care,you are doing great…..schools are the answer the sooner the better they will convert the elders into a different way of thinking,and change their ways Maybe if it where posibile to stop the demand then there is no need for the supply but will it ever end as is the case in africa with black rhino…….when do you dicide when is enough,when its to late………………all the best……..

  18. Wow, You also talked at my shcool nicole,

    When you spoke…..i had tears in my eyes. I kept thinking that i want to help and be a part of this. PLease take care in taiji and rmember, enythhing is possible if you beleave it. This slaughter will end.

    Love Aimee

  19. I hope one day you can also come to Taiwan to spread the words and deliver awesome speeches to educate and enlighten more people to be aware of this issue. Thanks for what you have done for the lovely whales, for the world.

  20. Hello Nicole !
    I’m Marie LELONG, I’m french and I’m 17 years old.
    I lived in many places (in Africa, in Mayotte… And I return in Africa for two years !) and since I was a young, I love sea… I want to be a marine biologist.
    Later, during my studies, I want to be a cove guardian. But, I don’t know how to finance.
    Please, do you have any information about this ? About a little job perhaps, to pay for housing, food… Because I’d really like to do that, but if I can not pay, it will be impossible for me…
    If you have any information for me, please, answer me by mail.

    Marie LELONG

    P.S : Sorry for my bad English…

  21. Hello Nicole!!! Thank you so much for making such a huge impact of saving our oceans!!!!
    I am going to try and get as many hand prints as i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. very, very good
    you can show to the people , i can win more money show and protect them than kill them.
    the ocean and cetaceans are in our heands

    protect what we have better in the world

  23. Hey Nic, you have been accomplishing such a great works. Keep it up. I’m with you. Love & Respect.

  24. I think you’re amazing – I’m your friend on FB & would love to be out there with you helping….i will send as many letters to stars as possible to get the word out….even if I’m ignored…

  25. I haven’t been on wordpress.com in a while, just returned today. It’s made me remember precisely why I loved this blog so much.

    Thanks a lot, I will try and check back more frequently.
    . How regularly do you post on your blog.?

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