My Journey to Taiji…

Where to start…

I guess my whole Taiji journey started years ago now, when I was about 12 (so 2003)… This was the first time I had ever heard of Taiji and the incomprehensible massacre that occurs there. I remember the feeling- a horrible, sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach, as I saw the first photo of a human being killing a bottlenose dolphin. At first, I don’t think I could accept it as reality. Surely, I thought, surely this cannot be true! Mankind could not be this brutal, this inhumane, this horrifically cruel?
This question is still being asked by millions around the globe. And the answer is yes- mankind is this cruel, this is a very real event, initiated by human kind. We are also, however, the only ones who can stop it.

I remember that exact photo I saw of the slaughter for the first time, in a book called “Follow A Wild Dolphin”… A man, who couldn’t have been any older than 35, with a huge hand-held spear, hacking at a defenceless bottlenose dolphin’s body, amongst a huge pool of the blood of dozens of other dolphins around him. This is murder, of the sickest kind… I vowed to myself to learn everything I could about this barbaric act, and to one day be involved in the end of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter.

Now, seven years on, I am 19 years of age and preparing to head over to Taiji in December for the first time, for the final months of the 2010/2011 Dolphin Slaughter. Along with Sea Shepherd representatives, Cove Guardians and activists the world over, I am determined to fight for those innocent and magnificent animals’ freedom… In the hope that one day soon this disgusting event can go down in history- as one of the most unecessary blood-sheds known to modern times.

This blog will document my efforts in preparing and fighting on the ‘Front Line’ in Taiji… In the hope that people, especially today’s youth, will become aware of this huge conservation issue, and help us put a stop to the brutal massacre. Please read more about my efforts in my About Me section, as well as educating yourself on the issue at hand in the ‘Taiji Dolphin Slaughter’ link. Please write to me with any comments or suggestions at

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this- please keep updated with my efforts and the efforts of many already in Taiji. You can head to for daily updates from the Cove.
Most importantly, tell your friends, relatives, and anyone you can about what is going on- the only thing that will stop this heartbreaking massacre is the pressure that the public put onto the Japanese Government. Creating awareness is the key. To find out more on what you can do, head to Sea Shepherd’s website.

Thanks again for letting me share my journey with you,

On the path to protect…



  1. A very similar thing happens somewhere in Denmark. Not sure where, but I know it’s not hard to find on the net. You’ve probably already heard about it.

    I’m sure they’ll deny the astoundingly clear moral links between themselves and, say, Hitler. Same thing basically.

    1. Yes, but this is actually not Denmark, but Faroe islands where this happens yet. Olso in Iceland, and some Pacific Islands.

  2. hi nicole,
    i met you at byron bay paul watson event
    now i will meet you at taiji
    i am going also with micheal dalton
    see u there

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