A Weekend of Inspiration!

Hey guys,

Thought I’d update on everything that is going on preparation-wise at the moment for Taiji… Also to tell you all about one of the most amazing and significant few days I have ever had!

So at the moment, I am just getting paperwork aspects of the journey sorted, such as filling out my passport applications etc… I’m looking to get a decent video camera in the next few days aswell (definitely a necessity item in Taiji!!), while I have the time to shop!
For those who don’t know, my ‘home’ is currently on one of the most isolated islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It is called Lady Elliot Island, a picturesque and amazing little island of only about 100 hectares, surrounded by virtually untouched reef! Living and working here means that I only get about a week per month to experience the ‘real world’… Therefore, in order to plan my Taiji trip- my time around shops, banks etc is pretty limited! So I’m hoping I dont forget anything! I’m heading back home to Lady Elliot at the end of the week for my last 3 week stint before flying to Japan. The experiences and sights that I am priveledged enough to encounter on this beautiful little island have completely changed my life! But a whole lot more on that later…

Firstly, I would love to tell you all about my experiences in the last few days! On Friday (the 29th) I flew from Lady Elliot to the Gold Coast and drove straight to my first Sea Shepherd fundraising event! It was incredible… Here, I firstly met up with Michael Dalton, who I will be joining for my entire trip to Taiji. We will be relieving Sea Shepherd representatives who are currently stationed in Taiji, and we’ll be staying right until the end; in a few months time, when the fishermen hang up their bloody spears for another 6 months.
Seeing so many people in one room who are so passionate about the same thing- cetacean conservation- was incredible! The way in which people from all walks of life interacted with eachother as if they were talking to family showed such a strong and beautiful unity. It really showed what people can do if they stand together fighting for a common goal.
The absolute highlight was meeting Captain Paul Watson, President of Sea Shepherd, something which I had been dreaming of for many years now! Seeing his passion in the way he talked about environmental conservation was amazing, and something I will take with me for many years to come. The world has a lot to learn from Paul!

I was blessed with the company of some of the most incredible people I have had the pleasure of meeting for three nights in a row, at the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay Sea Shepherd fundraising events… The whole experience was truly inspiring!

At the moment, I am currently working on getting sponsorships for my trip, so will start emailing and approaching people and businesses I think may be interested. As well as this, I will be creating a new Facebook page to document my trip, as well as a Youtube account.

Also, November the 5th is worldwide Anti-Whaling Day! So get together with friends, family or your whole community and get involved! There are heaps of events and protests going on all over the world… to learn more, head to http://www.wwawd.org/
I myself will be heading to Brisbane, Australia to protest in front of the Japanese consulate along with Captain Paul Watson and dozens of other Sea Shepherd representatives and the public So if you’re in the area, come along!

That’s all from me tonight…
I’ll update everyone on the protest and any progress being made on the preparation-front!

On the Path to Protect…


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