The Final Preparation…

Hey Guys,

So I thought I would update you all on the details of my preparation, as well as some very exciting news! There is only just over a week now until our Target Taiji team leaves for Japan on the morning of the 4th of December…

I have prepared and finalised my passport (phew!!) and also am preparing to say a final goodbye to my work family and the beautiful little island on the Great Barrier Reef where I have been working as a wildlife tour guide for just under a year now… To have a better look at the island, check out my ‘Links’ section!
I am very pleased to announce that the lease owner of Lady Elliot Island has agreed to support me whilst I am in Taiji- and has donated a generous sum which will be used to cover my return flights to Japan! I would love to give a huge thank you to Peter Gash, for having the faith in me to support my cause… I will not disappoint! Also, a big thanks to Graham Wells, Assistant Manager of the island who has also made a kind contribution to my journey! 🙂

But that’s not all… In the past week or so, it has been announced that long-time conservationist, Ady Gil, has jumped on board with our cause, and is generously supporting the 4 strong Taiji Team, including myself, over in Japan! His generosity will see that every dollar donated by the general public, no matter how small, will be matched by himself in order to support and help us help the dolphins and small whales! If you would like to donate and help our team protect these beautiful animals, please click on the link below!

Next week, I will be busy preparing and packing for Japan… Leaving the hot summer of the Great Barrier Reef to journey to the cooler months in Japan has left me with a lot of shopping for warm clothing to do!! Along with that, I will be saying my goodbyes to many of my family and friends- who I will not see for over 3 months… I am excited, nervous and a little scared all at the same time!! But nothing will change my determination to have a hand in protecting these beautiful creatures… the slaughter stops this season!

Thankyou all for your kind words of support,
Please if you haven’t done so, add me as a friend on Facebook as I continue on with my journey to Taiji..

On the Path to Protect,


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