Arriving in Japan! (4th December)

This is going to be a day late, because of how late we arrived into our hotel and couldn’t set up the wireless right away…
So early Saturday morning, I made the trip to the Gold Coast airport, with mum, my little sister and some good friends. After a few days of running around and packing (thanks mum!) I was ready to go, passport and ticket in hand, to board our flight to Osaka!
After saying a big ‘Merry Christmas’ to my family and friends just before entering customs, we were on our way! Everything went very smoothly at the Gold Coast airport, and before we knew it, we had taken off- headed for Japan! The 9 hours on the plane went by quite quickly, and I was very excited as it was my first ever international flight! We watched a beautiful sunset beyond the clouds just a few hours from Osaka, and I noticed a young Japanese girl- maybe 8 or 9 sitting very close by me, wearing a beautiful dolphin pendulum… and a quick thought came to my mind, that there is definitely hope for our cause yet!!

We touched down in Osaka at approximately 6:30pm, and were very pleased with yet another smooth run through customs! I was asked only a few questions about where I plan to travel around to in Japan… but overall everyone was very, very nice!
That was probably the first thing I noticed about Japan, other than it’s cleanliness and bright, colourful lights, that everyone is extremely polite! Every Japanese person we encountered on our journey down to Taiji were more than willing to help, which gave me a great excuse to use some newly learnt Japanese words! (Arigoto!)
After hiring a car in Osaka, we drove all the way down to Taiji- about a four hour drive… all the while we were marvelling at the signs, vending machines everywhere!, the lights and all the little differences to our own country… Although it was quite dark during the drive down, I could tell the area is absolutely stunning! I am most likely going to get a shock tomorrow morning when I wake up and everything is well lit!

We finally made it to Taiji, at around 11pm, and the very first thing we noticed, to our disgust, was the amount of signs absolutely everywhere around the sleepy little town depicting happy and smiling whales and dolphins!! Everywhere you look, you can see the happy faces of dolphins… it actually made me feel sick- and was a big reminder to me about how much the Japanese don’t know about what is going on! This, to me, is one of the main focuses of our involvement in stopping the slaughter- getting the awareness out there to the Japanese people! I have three months to brainstorm… starting today!!

Well it’s pretty late now, so I better head to bed- the hotel is very cosy, but nice! Definitely what I would think of of a typical Japanese hotel room… Plenty of rest is needed tonight, we are up very early tomorrow morning, and I will be experiencing the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter for the first time! Please keep updated here- I will aim to give daily updates on the slaughter and our efforts over here…

Thanks once again for the support guys, I could not do without it!
Make sure you check my Facebook page regularly aswell!!/profile.php?id=100001743347603

On the path to protect,
Nic x


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