Contempt for Captivity…

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Today, the boats returned unusually early to the Harbour… at least an hour before they are normally expected to return if they were unsuccessful at finding a pod of dolphins… The winds picked up as the morning went by, so it very well could have been due to bad weather out at sea… The winds certainly hung around all afternoon- let’s hope they continue til well into tomorrow morning! So the best news all morning was that the dolphins were all safe… for now.

We did hear, not long after the last banger boat came into the Harbour, that there was a handful of dolphins which were being kept captive, that were transported into shipping containers and into a large truck- most likely off to a dolphinarium where they will spend the rest of their (likely) short lives… Every single day I am here and witnessing what goes on in Taiji, and learning more about what happens elsewhere in the world, the more I have come to despise the captive dolphin industry…

Today, four amazing individuals left Taiji… Elora and Scott West said goodbye to the cove- while emotions ran high for everyone. They have been such a huge part of this first ‘constant ground crew’ campaign, and their presence here will be very missed. After only having spent a few days with these two- it is easy to see their passion, determination and commitment to these animals and the campaign… they have truly changed the face of the movement to end the Taiji dolphin slaughter, and should be very commended for their dedication so far… They will continue their efforts from home- and will be back next year at this stage too! The cove has definitely not seen the last of these two amazing people… and I am so glad I had the pleasure of working alongside them both, and will do my absolute best to help continue this campaign here in Taiji for the dolphins… Also leaving us was Thomas- such a strong and committed Cove Guardian, who definitely did a great job the other day at ending the dolphin killer’s drive early due to his presence at the Fisheries Union! And of course, my fellow Aussie Rupert, one of the most trustworthy, reliable, dedicated and passionate activists I have ever met… He is a huge asset to this campaign, and I cannot wait until he returns once again in January!
After all the goodbyes were said, myself, along with the Cove Guardians, went down to the captive dolphin holding pens… I have no words about the sights we encountered here. I had been to the pens before- however seeing them with the fresh memories of dolphin’s dead bodies being dragged out of the killing cove yesterday came flashing right back through my mind… All I could think about was the beautiful mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and babies of these dolphins- all of them now butchered, chopped up and wrapped in plastic in the windows of shops and restaurants all over the country… the thought absolutely sickened me.

And then to think about the horrific life that these dolphins in the pens now face, in comparison to their carefree, joyous and beautiful life out in the deep, open ocean… Where they can display their agility, their playfulness, their wonder and curiosity freely… To think that these dolphins in front of me are now facing a life obeying a whistle, and the commandments of an alien species, all for a dead fish is absolutely mind-blowing… These beautiful animals will never get to enjoy the chase after a speedy fish, never get to communicate to their family, and will never get to swim for miles and miles… surfing the waves of the coastlines of the world.

Instead, they are shipped around the world, put in a concrete tank which may as well be a blindfold to them due to their loss of echolocation mechanism- their predominant way of locating objects and animals- and are forced to do unnatural tricks in order to eat… This is not how we should be treating one of the most intelligent species of animal on earth!!

Please watch this video that I put together using the footage that I collected yesterday during the slaughter… it documents the family of dolphins that were slaughtered, and lets you know where you can go to help these animals. Please watch, share it, and tell your friends about the issue! You will be suprised at how many people are absolutely oblivious that this even goes on in the world!

Also, you can add my Facebook page, for updates every morning on the movements in Taiji…!/profile.php?id=100001743347603

Thankyou all for your kind support! 🙂
On the path to protect,


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