Through Their Eyes…

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Writing this now, I can’t help but think of the beautiful dolphins that I saw this morning… and all I want to do is get the noise of the banger boats out of my head… This noise- a clanking sound similar to that of construction sites will, no doubt, stay with me forever.

There was a large family pod this morning that was driven into the cove- about ten or so. They were terrified, stressed and confused. These creatures are accustom to a home with no boundaries, a home where the young can jump and play and learn from their elders, a home where mothers can raise their calves and teach them all about the never-ending discoveries of the deep… a home in the ocean… a home away from humans.

Instead, this morning, as if out of no-where, they were met with the booming, deafening sounds coming from moving objects they had never seen… never recognised before. Then comes a ‘clank… clank… clank’ noise… suddenly the object making the noise is met by half a dozen more, and the dolphins’ communication through echolocation sounds instantly becomes useless… They can’t talk, they can’t hear anything but the clanking… so they swim away from it.
They swim and swim… the clanking gets louder… they swim together, surfacing in unison as they have always done- as a family. The mothers stay close to the young, the older ones try and protect their families from this alien invasion… and they swim and swim…
All of a sudden, the clanking stops, and smaller objects, with big, loud engines which pollute the air, come rushing toward them… they swim away, and realise- there is no more ocean to swim to! The aliens in the boats drag long, punctured walls to close off the exit… they are trapped, with no escape. The sounds of yelling voices- a language most have not heard before, and none can decipher, come from all directions. They are pushed further and further toward the shore- some of the juveniles have never been this close to land before! Then, they see the aliens coming toward them- with sharp tools in their hands, an evil grimace on their face… they pull their arm back- armed with the weapon… and then there is nothing but darkness…

To see this, to try and empathise with these animals, is literally heartbreaking… For someone like me who has loved the world’s oceans for years and years, and has had an affinity with the ocean’s dolphins and whales my whole lifetime- I cannot, and will never be able to comprehend the brutal, atrocious cruelty inflicted upon these beautiful, intelligent, social beings…

I don’t want to feel hopeless with this cause. I have said it before, and I will say it again now- that I will be back here in Taiji… I will return every year, for as long as I can every summer, until this stops. Whether that is 5 years or 10 years away- I will be here… and this WILL stop!

In the next few days, I am going to start my endeavours in getting to know the locals, especially in Taiji… I want to work with the youth of Japan, and come to some solution- alongside the Japanese public.

I have contacted many Australian Media outlets, so fingers crossed we can get some more awareness out there for the public… that is predominately why we are here! All of these videos, photos and updates are for the public… so please show anyone you can- to help us here in Taiji help the dolphins! A good way of doing that is to direct people to either this blog, sea shepherd’s website, or my Facebook site- for updates, photos and videos daily…

Thanks for the support!
On the Path to Protect,



  1. Thank you for today’s post. I was most impressed about your statement of “not giving up hope.” That is something that I, and so many other activists have struggled with; I was so glad to see you touching on this affirmatively! We all must never give up hope! Thank you for being there.

  2. Hi Nicole! My family and I have been following Elora’s blog during her time in Taiji and I will follow yours also now. Thank you for being there and fighting to protect dolphins and whales! Your work is not in vain. We will continue to pray for miracles each day. Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

  3. Nicole, I try to understand how you can bear to do this work. I can send money, but even thinking about what you see firsthand makes me physically ill. Like Beth, I pray that this practice will end, but I know it won’t unless there are people brave enough to actually be there. When I think of all the wonderful, lifesaving acts the dolphins have altruistically made (helping autistic children, rescuing humans at sea, etc), Taiji is a living nightmare. Sometimes, I am so ashamed to be a member of the human species. Please know that you are not alone there. I hold you up in my heart.

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