Wind & Rain- A Dolphins’ Best Friend…

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We awoke to a very windy morning this morning… The flags around town were flying with great speed, and even the big windmill (in the shape of a whale) right in the heart of Taiji was turning faster than I had seen before, as we made our way down to the harbour… Once we arrived, we were met with a very pleasant view! Of all banger boats tied up, with no fishermen in sight… There was to be no dolphin hunt this morning!

We made 100% sure of this, however, by overlooking the harbour for about half an hour. I noticed a great deal of sea birds that were very close to land- a great indication of the rough conditions out at sea. After concluding that there were indeed no dolphin hunters to leave the harbour today, we made our way back to the hotel- taking advantage of the rare ‘day-off’ in order to catch up with emails, photo and video editing…

The rain and wind persisted all day- and at this very moment it is still raining quite hard, we are all strongly hoping that the rough conditions stick around until tomorrow morning at the very least!

Unfortunately I could not re-visit the kids in the playground this afternoon, the rain was too heavy… But I definitely intend to head back tomorrow and chat to them as much as I can! On top of this, I have been aiming at getting a lot of media on board with creating awareness of the slaughter. I will keep you all posted in both regards!

Thank you all for all of your wonderful support in the past week or so- it seems crazy that I have been here for over a week now, however at the same time it feels like a lifetime that I’ve been here… leaving Australia seems like months ago now. It is so strange how one week of your life can change how you feel and view the world around you- I have learnt a lot in the past week, met some very interesting and inspiring people, and have definitely gained a whole lot more determination to eventually shut down the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. I don’t think you can come here, see what’s going on and walk away from this place forever. Being in Taiji really impacts people, and not many leave without having been changed in some way. To get people here, to educate them on what’s going on, will bring about huge amounts of passion in people that didn’t even know they had a passion for the oceans… The hardest part is initiating that awareness, and giving people the motivation to journey over to Japan… But I can tell you- you would not regret it.

In this video below, Japanese reporters ask about the solutions that Sea Shepherd has, in order to stop the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter, and change the town of Taiji. Libby Katsinis, official representative, answers their questions…

To see how you come over here as part of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian program, click here;

For updates, photos and videos from Taiji, you can add my Facebook page here.

Thanks again guys!

On the path to protect,



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