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Yet again today, we were ecstatic to discover in the early hours of the morning that the boats had stayed in Taiji Harbour, and were not planning on hunting dolphins. It had been raining quite heavily earlier on this morning, so the fishermen decided to hang up their spears and gutting knives for another day…
We left the harbour at about 8 o’clock, after staying in the area for about an hour to be 100% positive that the boats were staying in. A little later on, we drove back to Taiji to pick up a young man named Tatsuro. Tatsuro is a university student in Tokyo, studying politics, and is extremely interested in all aspects of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. Most importantly, he wants the slaughter to be shut down.

Tatsuro is an extraordinary person… You see, it’s one thing for ‘foreign’ individuals to come to Taiji and take a stand against the atrocious acts committed here, but for someone like Tatsuro, who has lived his whole life in Japan- this is especially brave and potentially a huge personal risk. Tatsuro is very passionate about the world’s oceans, absolutely loves dolphins- and is extremely committed to stopping the Taiji Slaughter. He says his primary focus is to try and educate the people of Japan… which is an absolutely integral part of how this slaughter will end. It is passionate people such as Tatsuro, who will be the definitive factor in changing this cruelty.

I recorded an extremely interesting meeting we had with Tatsuro at the Cove this morning- about his findings during his investigation into the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter, and also about his views and opinions on how the slaughter can be stopped. I will edit this tomorrow, and will upload it very shortly after- keep your eyes out for it on this blog and my Facebook page though- it will definitely open up some eyes!!

As planned, I also paid my young friends a visit at the park very close to our hotel, just a town away from Taiji. All the kids I met only a few days ago were there once again, and were very happy to see me! I spoke to them for quite a long time, about anything really… they were all very interested in asking me questions, and I was keen to learn more about them- and of course we played the game of soccer as promised! One of the older boys had a big turtle on his jumper, and I jumped at the opportunity to bring up sea animals with them! I mentioned dolphins (i-ru-ka) to them, and they all started to exclaim with excitement and happiness, it seemed they all adore dolphins! I asked if any of the children have ever eaten dolphins before, and every single one of them had a look of disgust on their face, one of the younger boys assured me that they would not ever eat dolphins… they love them too much!

I introduced myself to a small group of teenage girls who arrived at the park, and they were just as interested to learn more about me as the younger boys… They asked me what had brought me to the area for 3 months, and I told them all about how I am here to try and stop the killing of dolphins in nearby Taiji- all the girls looked quite disgusted that such a thing occurs so close to them, and one of the girls exclaimed “Congratulations, Thankyou!”… I was very taken aback by their response, as I was with the younger boys- I knew that most Japanese people did not know or approve of the slaughter, but for young teenagers not to know about it, when they go to school in Taiji, seemed very wrong. I asked if they would be interested in helping me, and they were very keen to do something about it! I am absolutely thrilled with this outcome… and cannot wait to see the reactions of the fishermen when they see Japanese school kids involved in stopping the slaughter! First, I want to get to know them a little better- meet their families, and learn better Japanese… but I think this is a really positive step forward for the town of Taiji, as well as its’ surrounding areas. I’m going to come up with ideas to effectively use the combined youth in order to create awareness, and send the message that the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter has absolutely no place in future generations- and that if the present day fishermen don’t stop it now, potential fishermen of future generations will stop it for them.
So every afternoon I’m going to visit the kids in the park nearby, and I will keep everyone updated on ideas and plans that I have for them!

Thankyou all, once again, for supporting me and reading- it truly means a lot! If you’d like to see more photos, videos and regular updates from the cove, feel free to add me on Facebook here;
Thanks again,
On the path to protect,



  1. Thanks Nicole for all you are doing – great work. The future of the stopping of the slaughter is definitely within Japan and if the young people think it is wrong, its all a great step in the right direction. Good luck look forward to reading that there is more windy rainy weather in Taiji!! Take care 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole! Thank you for your time in trying to do some good. I would love to join you but alas not everyone has that kind of opportunity. However, I have been sending emails to the IMATA and they phoned me on the weekend and some guy named Peter wanted me to call him back because he wanted to justify the dolphin slaughter. He said I didn’t understand and he is right, I don’t understand – I don’t understand why we treat our home (earth) and those we share it with this way. I didn’t bother calling back and just erased the voice message and will continue to email them (as well as the Japanese Consulate in Ottawa) every time there are killings.

    Thank you for your compassion and dedication! Keep at ’em.

  3. Hello Nicole, your posts bring much needed hope.
    Yes, education is the simple key;
    building bridges and making friends, not enemies!

    keep up this amazing work.
    I will be back to Taiji myself early in January and look forward to meeting you then!
    take care,
    ~Leah Lemieux

  4. Nicole–what wonderful news…not just that the boats stayed in and the dolphins were safe for another day, but the kids in the park and Tasturo. We need the voices of the people of Japan to help put an end to this–a big thank you to everyone there who is striving to make a difference.

    Maine USA

  5. I write this message to say thank you and tell you that you are not alone! Thousands of people are there ‘with you. thanks for the work you do and the commitment that you put in! I am happy with the responses of Japanese boys. the change must start with the younger generation living in taiji. We reckon so far but we have to show those bastards that all the world and ‘against the standard horror doing to our wonderful dolphins. thanks nicole! gigi ’77 from italy.

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