The Theft of Innocence…

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One of the hardest things I think anyone could ever witness first hand is death… Witnessing death on a mass scale, every single day, and lawfully not being able to do anything about it, is something that bothers and disturbs me every morning here. What completely overwhelms me, however, is how humans in today’s society can slaughter innocent lives…

When people look at dolphins, they see joy, happiness, wonder, curiosity, intelligence, freedom and innocence… Dolphins, I believe, are so attractive to humans worldwide because they possess so many of these pure qualities, that humans place so much importance on, and basically we all want to learn more, to understand more… so we can be more like them. Their intellectual interactions with each other absolutely amazes people the world over, and especially the bonds they share- and their ability to communicate.

Dolphins have been considered a symbol of freedom, grace, loyalty and playfulness for thousands of years… there are countless stories of them rescuing fishermen, surfers and swimmers- and even helping people overcome disabilities and conditions. There is nothing as innocent, pure and beautiful then a baby dolphin- or ‘calf’… people from all over the globe would absolutely love to witness jovial babies playing and surfing alongside their mothers… learning about their world.

I don’t think there are many people in this world that would even contemplate the thought of any human being the cause of the death of a dolphin, let alone thousands… It is a concept that just would not enter most peoples’ minds- except for a handful of people in Japan.

This morning, we saw the boats out on the horizon in drive formation… before we knew it, they were once again heading toward the Cove with their usual hauntingly disturbing ‘clanking’ noises accompanying them… They had been successful at locating a pod.

It was only seconds after seeing the first sign of the large pod of dolphins that my stomach gave an almighty lurch in disgust and disbelief… it was at the sight of a baby dolphin.
I’m talking about a newborn baby dolphin- this beautiful little animal must have only been in this world for less than a month or so… it was probably no longer than my arm. Most heartbreaking of all… it was without its’ mother.

It was only after a few minutes that we could confirm that the pod were Striped Dolphins… and we all instantly agreed that it could very well have been the other half of the escaped pod from Wednesday… If a pod separate, they usually will not continue their migration without their family… this pod must have been swimming circles around Taiji, calling for their family… the baby would have been calling over and over for its’ mum. Never with a reply… this little baby’s mother is most likely already packaged up in plastic and on the shelf of some seafood store- possibly still in Taiji…

The thought of this little baby, being only a few kilometres away from it’s hacked up and packaged family- though still calling out for them as if they were about to join them from around the headland was utterly heartbreaking… what was worse, however, was the knowledge that within an hour or two- this half of the family would meet the exact same fate…

One of the hardest things about witnessing the slaughter, is suppressing any emotion that might be welling up- any tears, any shouts of anger… all must be hidden from view- for there are countless people monitoring your every move, waiting for that sign of emotion and weakness… but seeing that tiny, little dolphin this morning truly impacted upon all of us at the Cove this morning. Watching it be forced into the killing cove, and never coming out, was a haunting sight…

It was all over within a few hours, as it always is… but the memory of that tiny little dolphin- the smallest dolphin I have ever seen in my many years of watching them off the shorelines of Australia, will stay with me forever.
And at this point tonight, I have no words left… I pray that this will stop much sooner rather than later, at the moment- the most important thing we can be doing is helping the spread of awareness, as well as putting as much pressure on the Japanese Government as possible…

So this is where you come in! If you want to come and stand up for the dolphins on the front line, you can find out how to become a Cove Guardian on the Sea Shepherd website…

Please help me spread the awareness of the slaughter and get the word out about my journey here in Taiji by adding me on Facebook, and sharing with your friends; click here.

I just want to take the time to once again thank all the wonderful people who have been sending me countless messages of support and motivation from around the globe- it really makes a difference on days like these, and I am very appreciative! So thank you all… everyone is doing a fantastic job at working to get the message out there, putting pressure on governments and embassies and being the voice for the dolphins!
On the path to protect,



  1. Thank you, Nicole, for the heartfelt and detailed accounts of the atrocities occurring in Taiji. I’ve been following the cove guardian blogs since day 1, and must say that this was one of the toughest to read. But I believe through your ability to graphically write down what you are witnessing, is really impacting people and keeping our internal fire lit. Some days I feel so fatigued from checking updates, but I make myself. For the sweet dolphins. And now more than ever, I have a renewed sense of fight in me. If anything, for that beautiful, innocent baby who lost it’s life yesterday. I promise you, for all that you go through witnessing this disgust from these subhuman murderers, I will keep up doing everything on my end to fight. You have so many supporters. Please stay strong and continue to expose these bastards.

  2. Its heartbreaking to read about that baby dolphin…I can’t imagine how it feels to have seen it…stay strong Nicole!

    Much love from TN, USA!!

    – Rebecca

  3. Oh Nicole, I have no words this evening. Sometimes no words are better than saying something hateful or that I might regret! I will pray again tonight, I will call and write! I will do what I can here. Thanks for all that you are doing there, thanks for being my eyes.
    God Bless the souls of those lost today, and for the ones lost before today. I will pray for those that will swim in those waters tomorrow.

  4. Stephanie – Thank you for the link. I made a plea on the Oprah website for the gals of the Sea Sheppard, who are doing a super job that must be supported in any way possible.

    Keep up the good work – maybe someone will listen and take notice to help this cause – for the DOLPHINS 🙂

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