The Truth Shall Set Them Free…

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No-one could get used to this. Every single time we see those empty spaces in the Harbour where the banger boats are usually secured, we become more and more frustrated.

Frustrated at the fact that these boats’ sole purpose is to help find dolphins, and the men controlling them are there to murder them. I never thought I could occupy so much frustration, anger and helplessness within only a second… but glancing out to the horizon with binoculars and seeing those boats maliciously herding a pod instantly shoots those emotions straight from my stomach to my throat… and when you spot the comparatively small, petrified yet amazing animals scamper away from the boats, there is nothing to say. Silence covers the Cove when the boats are herding dolphins, and all we can do is watch- while we ourselves are watched like hawks by dozens of police and coast guards.

They took a small family pod of Risso’s dolphins today… the minute that these dolphins were well within our sights we noticed how small they were- a majority seemed to be young juveniles… maybe they were young brothers and sisters, still learning about the world around them, about the best way to catch their food, the way in which to communicate with each other, and how to avoid any of their underwater predators… – little did they know that there were monsters on land, who would see to it that their whole family never learns another thing about the ocean… they were taken away- totally confused, terrified and in a world of pain… These juveniles would never be able to find a mate… the females would never raise children of their own.

Time and time again, I am asked- ‘Why?’

It’s as if there could ever be excuses for the slaughter of innocent lives… people still want to know why. Quite frankly, there is absolutely no excuse- nor should there ever be- to slaughter any dolphin or innocent creature.

But, of course, there is a reason that some people feel as though they are above the law of nature- that they feel superior over any other creature that walks this earth… these are the people that actually develop laws in today’s society- and I am referring directly to the Japanese Government. They feel as though it is their god-given right to decide what animals should live, and what animals are able to be killed by man. All the while- they are raking in any profit made by the bloodshed.

These people are the reason for the slaughters… they act through greedy wants, rather than looking at what is right in front of them. It is not sustainable for humans to drive boats out off the coast and slaughter every innocent life that comes their way… All for what? The money that the slaughter generates, of course.

The thing is- a dead dolphin is comparatively worthless to one that can be sold, living, to a dolphinarium… The Taiji Fisheries Union received ‘orders’ for dolphins, of specific species, genders and ages… The dolphin killers of Taiji will then herd pods upon pods of these dolphins, in order for trainers to come and select those dolphins that meet their criteria. The more demand for dolphins, the more orders, the more money that is generated for those initiating the massacre… Bear in mind that each captive dolphin can be sold for more than $150,000 each!

So what is a direct solution to the problem? The cease of demand for captive dolphins… the collapse of the industry.

Can it be done? Of course! If every single person made a conscious effort to refrain from seeing dolphin shows (which is no hard task- with most people of the public seeing a show maybe once every few years), it would only take weeks for the industry to collapse… Even a decrease in attendance would send them into panic mode. Without the demand- there is no need for captive dolphins… without the need for captive dolphins, there is no dolphin slaughter.

Need any more convincing? Watch this sickening video filmed today by Cove Guardian, Pierre Bourbonnais- edited by myself.

Pierre along with a few other Cove Guardians entered the Whale Museum today in order to film the sickening sights within. I could not go in myself- I don’t think I could bear the sight of that museum, and I did not want to give those people my money… and just hearing the sounds of it from the Cove is bad enough… just the thought of bearing witness to the lives of the dolphins I saw being dragged away on skiffs just days ago, the sounds of their screaming families still fresh in my mind, was physically painful.

This video is an insight into the atrocities of the Taiji Whale Museum… In this video you can see the foetuses of numerous species of marine mammals- all taken as the result of a slaughter of their mothers. You can also see the absolutely sickening displays of the dolphins in the museum… all of these dolphins were victims of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. All of them saw their families brutally murdered by humans- they are now forced into a life of obeying human commands… or else starving to death. Watch the footage that the captive dolphin industry doesn’t want you to see- of their poor standard confinements as well as the dolphins’ stress and trauma. We can also see one particular Risso’s dolphin (most likely one of the dolphins transported to the museum only a few days ago) hooked up to an IV unit toward the end… This is a sickening look into just one day at the Taiji Whale Museum… this has got to end.

Please, help us help the dolphins in Taiji by getting involved yourself. You have taken the first step, self-educating! Now it is time to spread the word… friends, family and anyone you may know! Direct them to this blog to follow my journey, or to the Sea Shepherd website…

Also, click here to follow my journey on my Facebook page- for photos and video updates regularly.

Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me so far- it really helps me get through the hard times here in Taiji. Thank you also to anyone who has stood up for the dolphins and taken action to help- any act big or small goes a long way! Keep up the amazing efforts guys, together we will end this brutal massacre for good.
On the path to protect,



  1. Hi
    Happy Birthday, I hope it’s a dolphin free day in the cove.
    That footage just shows how Taiji especially doesn’t need to keep those dolphins in captivity. No customers, shocking conditions, it makes me sick. Why?

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. ok people… now I’m angry… and this time it is not with the Japanese killers in Taiji… I just got off the telephone with Mr. Nakatsuka, at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC… Today, I had a very civil discussion with him about Taiji, as well as other forms of animal cruelty… that’s right… baby chicks to whales… and I asked him (and told him at the same time…) “Your telephone must be ringing off the hook…” and you know what he said… “Not really…” He gets plenty of nasty, racists calls, but calls for the ban of dolphin slaughtering in Taiji… not really… H-E-L-L-O… anyone out there… I told him that I will be calling him every day so he can register the calls and let the appropriate parties in Japan know what the status is here in the States. My call will only make a difference if everybody calls…
    So… here is the information for the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC
    Mr. Nakatsuka tel: (202) 238-6700
    Please call every day and ask for him by name and be polite… thank you!

  3. Thanks for all your work there at the Cove and Happy Birthday!
    On another subject, was on another blog and she had a website to a place that sells whale and dophin on the internet
    Did a translate and dont understand Japanese talk (sorry was trying to be rude)
    Japanese to English translation
    Fin whale red meat
    Into approximately 200g
    700 (100g / yen)
    1,400 yen Hitoshi Hitoshi breast fin whale
    Into approximately 300g
    800 (100g / yen)
    Hitoshi Hitoshi 2,400 yen
    The fin whale frozen products of red meat. And to stop commercial whaling, not capture, the fin whale in the Southern Ocean this year’s survey, only the head 10 to capture research. It is no good habit to mochi rice cake. It is valuable.
    ※ The photograph is a red meat, sardines.
    What are they saying? thought it meant they only capture 10 for research and maybe No More commercial whaling? Oh and not really whale meat it’s Sardines? Confused!
    Kind of feel stupied butttt…..
    @Leah Thank You for that tidbit of info will start calling Mr. Nakatsuka in DC instead!

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