The Best Birthday Present…

The stress of the past few days, the traumas we have been affected with… the lingering dread, animosity and distress that each of us Cove Guardians have been living with seemed to have disappeared this morning…

It is a strange thing, waking up each morning only to repeat the same actions over and over. However, what seems interesting is that each day is accompanied by a different mood- a certain atmosphere that we are surrounded by… Some days, you can almost predict that they may be ‘slaughter days’, while others bear a positive outlook. Today was that of the latter- everyone agreed that there was something different about today- that the mood and atmosphere had performed a complete 180 in comparison to that of the previous day…

It seemed as though there was to be no slaughter this morning… and our suspicions rang true within only a few hours. We watched as all 11 boats directed themselves back into harbour, one by one. It was only just after the 11th boat rounded the headland straight for the harbour, that my other Cove Guardians exclaimed a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to me… Today is my 20th birthday, and it was only after our time was up in the cove that I felt like acknowledging it.

Today was a much needed day of recuperation for the Cove Guardians… Due to the brutality of this week’s slaughters, we were all starting to feel the strain of emotions affecting us… The dolphins were safe from slaughter for another day today, and this was possibly the best news that I could ever have received on my birthday! We went on to taking a day to explore the hot springs that are nearby from where we are staying… It was absolutely a stunning sight!

As I type this post, I can hear the rain outside, pounding at our windows… hopefully it sticks around for a while!

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Keep fighting the good fight everyone! I would just like to take this time to thank those who have lent a hand of support to me, as well as everyone’s very kind birthday wishes!

On the path to protect,



    1. Oops.
      I forgot to take my umbrella to my teaching job tonight. When I came out it was pouring, but I even care because I know that it means there is hope for another dolphin free day in the Cove tomorrow.

      Enjoy your rest

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