‘Culture’ or Cash?

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I am very pleased to say that today was dolphin-free here in Taiji… Eleven boats went out from the harbour, and all returned within a few short hours. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of utter euphoria as we watch the last banger boat disappear from view as it travels along deep within the harbour after returning empty handed from the wide expanses of the Taiji coast…

It is days like these that give us Cove Guardians the opportunity to explore the area a little more… On a ‘slaughter day’ the mood for the day normally is set, it is hard to enjoy sightseeing with those kinds of memories very fresh in your mind. To have these no slaughter days is like a breath of fresh air for us- we would absolutely love it if every day was without bloodshed, but until that happens- we’ll count every moment where dolphins are not being painfully killed as a true blessing…

Being here, immersed in this world of witnessing these dolphins’ brutal slaughter definitely takes its’ toll on you. The bonds between the Cove Guardians here is vital to our strength and determination to keep up the fight… for the dolphins. Some of the friendships I have already made here, I know, will last a lifetime. To have to build a friendship in such a circumstance is a real shame, however we would not be able to function here without the support of eachother… I am grateful for the people I have met here so far, and also the people I will soon meet over the course of my three month stay…

Today, to experience a little more of Japans true culture, we all went for a journey to the Nachi Temple, close by to our hotel. It was absolutely stunning… The views we all witnessed, and the sights of the traditional Japanese temples were simply breathtaking. This is an absolutely beautiful country, and I am very appreciative of days like these which help us to remember what an amazing place Japan is… If it were promoted correctly, and the people of nearby Taiji Town were to stop their merciless acts, this place could become a real tourists’ dream. Every day I am finding myself adoring Japan, the people and their culture more and more… and to see this culture which is focused upon respect, beauty, tradition and nature- it is very obvious to me that the slaughter of dolphins, a symbol of freedom, peace, innocence and loyalty in many countries- is not in any way a part of Japanese culture… It is a ludicrous thought and I am sure almost every single member of the Japanese public will agree with me in saying that it is a downright lie to advertise dolphin massacres as Japanese culture…

It is an insult to the Japanese people, as well as their beautiful culture. I hope, very soon, that the officials in the Japanese Government develop an understanding of the difference between money, greed and murder… and culture. For a 19 year old Australian girl to come to Japan for only 2 weeks so far, and see the blatantly obvious contrast between what happens in Taiji and the rest of the entire nation’s attitude and culture must be saying something. Those in the Governments here have been blinded by the want for money. They are blinded by greed.

It is time for them to cast their blindfold aside, to acknowledge this immense environmental catastrophe, and understand that they alone have the power to instantly end it… For the good of their nation, for the good of the dolphins… for the good of their culture.

Calling, emailing and writing to embassies, consulates, government officials and media is a massively important and direct action that anyone can take of their own accord. This places the all-important pressure upon the governments to take notice of how they are very quickly tarnishing their country’s image…

To come here and stand up for the dolphins on the ‘front line’, you can become a Cove Guardian by heading to Sea Shepherd’s website.

To follow my journey closely, please add me on Facebook here– if you want to help spread awareness to this vital issue, share my page with anyone you can, as well as letting everyone you know all about the slaughter…

Thanks for all the support everyone (and the birthday messages!) It really means a lot.
On the path to protect,


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  1. Could you please explain to me why it is so important to not show emotion?
    I sincerely ask this question, because, even if ‘they’ think it gives them ‘power’, or makes us/you look ‘weak’, and they will maybe laugh – it is so much a natural human (and non-human) response to others’ pain and tragedy, what is to be ashamed of?
    Maybe you are told to suppress emotion? Maybe Japanese people frown on expressing emotion?
    I just don’t know, but would like to hear what the reasoning is behind this.
    Thank you and all the Guardians for your amazing and enlightening work.

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