A Quiet Cove…

For the third day running, there have been no dolphins herded and slaughtered in the Cove!

All boats left the harbour this morning, and once again returned quite early with nothing to show for their efforts… One of the boats appeared to have encountered some kind of problem as it was returning into harbour, and it was dry docked- we’ll definitely check it out tomorrow, it would be fantastic to have a banger boat out of action! It is a great sign that these men are using up money in fuel and other expenses, while not being able to herd any dolphins. This means they are not gaining financially from their efforts- hopefully this will continue, and similar to the situation in the Southern Ocean, it will begin to appear as if they are in no position of gain at all by hunting dolphins.

Lately, with a significant increase in time on our hands due to there being no slaughters for the past few days- we have been brainstorming new ideas to effectively utilise our time in Taiji and the local area, to engage the local people in discussions about what is going on right around the corner from their homes… We have come up with a few ideas, which hopefully will have an impact on the locals here. I will go into detail about these new initiatives very soon as we begin them!

This evening, myself and Libby were walking on our way to the gym nearby our hotel in Katsuura, and we were stopped by a Japanese man in a passing car. He pulled over, called out ‘excuse me’ in Japanese and we approached the car. He first asked us “Sea Shepherd?” and we exclaimed yes! He could not speak much english, but he made a great deal of effort to convey his gratitude to us being here in Taiji, and said that he thought what we are doing here is great!
This came as a very pleasant surprise for us both- as we weren’t even wearing our Sea Shepherd attire! For someone to go out of their way, whilst driving, and stop us in the street to exclaim that they support what we are doing here is such an amazing thing. To make that much of an effort to show us his support, really shows that there must a large percentage of people in these surrounding towns of Taiji- as well as Taiji itself- that also support the ending of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. Many Japanese people approach us and thank us for our work here- however are too scared to stand up for what they believe in public. This is understandable, considering the character of many Japanese people is typically unconfrontational- however, it is of such great importance that we try and encourage locals to join us, that we must somehow rid these people of that fear. I believe this will be done by getting more and more locals together at once- they would not be so afraid if there were hundreds of them together… this is what I really want to work on.

Keep updated on what happens in the Cove on my Facebook page… Hopefully there are plenty more days like today, with very little to report from here in Taiji!

Thanks for all the support!
On the path to protect,


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