Breaking the Silence..

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So today marks the 6th day in a row that the boats have not encountered and slaughtered dolphins!

It definitely looks as though they are on holidays for the week… of course we will be checking in again tomorrow, as well as every day then onwards. We have heard a few rumours around town as to when they are expected to start hunting again- and it seems as though it might be around the 2nd or 3rd of January… However- when it comes to the dolphin fishermen of Taiji, you never know. They have been fairly set on being unpredictable in the past few weeks here, so we never jump into the car of an early morning and drive to Taiji with expectations that they will be in port, in fact it is best to always assume they will be out. Of course positive thinking goes a long way!

During this time that we have had without being at the Cove every morning, we have said goodbye to a small handful of Cove Guardians… Today we said goodbye to Pierre and Lisa at Katsuura train station. Working on Lady Elliot Island for about a year definitely has me used to often saying goodbye to people that you have worked with closely, however it is so much different here… the emotional attachment you gain for both the place and people is really something I have never encountered before… I am already dreading having to leave here- there is so much emotion, time and energy (both physical and mental) that you invest into the campaign, that I think leaving would come as a total shock… we’ll see in two more months!

We have had some time to have some really good chats about ways in which to address the campaign, and also what we want out of the rest of our time here, and what we can do that will enable results… There are a few plans that we are working on at the moment, and if they are successes it would be a huge positive for the campaign! There are a few smaller details that I need to work on for one project that I will be starting soon, which I really hope will help me reach out and get hundreds of locals involved in ending the slaughter… and the other idea (it will be a video) will hopefully be able to be viewed within a few days!

We’ve been making several trips to the hardware store today… to help with ideas and for Andy to pick up a few things for something he has been working on today. Our rooms in the hotel turned into a little workshop this morning, and Andy has already come up with and built a very interesting, very clever little contraption which we will be testing out tomorrow! I will post photos up tomorrow afternoon…

A little earlier on this morning, we thought we’d go and see the dolphins in the captive dolphin holding pens… It really breaks my heart to see these beautiful creatures in these tiny little confinements- an animal which would normally be free to roam the entire ocean- an area larger than every single continent on this Earth put together! Now, they reside in an area only a few metres in diameter, swimming around in circles all day… for the rest of their lives.
All because of one government… one small group of people which speak on behalf of their entire nation- a nation which are mostly against the operation! Even the locals of the town which is meant to be benefitting off of the slaughter the most are against it… The ‘livelihood’ of their town is said to be resting upon the dolphin fishing industry. Well, when people in this town disregard these claims, and would rather see the industry fall to pieces than to continue living as though killing dolphins is something that sustains their whole town, this is certainly saying something…
It is one thing for ‘foreigners’ to come to this country and inform the fishermen and governments that what they’re doing is inhumane and completely unsustainable, but for the locals to take a stand… it must surely make those in positions of power want to question whether it is worth it to continue.

If they haven’t done so yet… I’m sure they soon will. The voice for and amongst the Japanese people is growing louder. It is only a matter of time before it becomes so deafening that the Mayor and officials in the Japanese Government will have no choice but to listen…

To help spread the word on what goes on here in Taiji, you can add and share my Facebook page– which has regular updates, photos and videos of what goes on in the Cove…

To become a Cove Guardian here in Japan, head to Sea Shepherd’s website

Once again guys I sincerely thank you all for all of your kind words and support! Please do what you can to help spread the word…
I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas, wherever in the world you are!
On the path to protect,


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  1. “There’s about as much educational benefit studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary.” – Jacques Cousteau

    “We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures. And nonhuman animals experience pain sensations just like we do. They too are strong, intelligent, industrious, mobile, and evolutional. They too are capable of growth and adaptation. Like us, firsthand foremost, they are earthlings. And like us, they are surviving. Like us they also seek their own comfort rather than discomfort. And like us they express degrees of emotion. In short like us, they are alive.”- Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS

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