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It has now been a week since the last innocent blood was spilled into the Cove. The dolphin fishermen are still on holidays.

Every morning, we are always apprehensive just before rounding the corner of Taiji Harbour- having had to first drive past the eerie Cove.
When I first arrived, the cove seemed like a beautiful place to me- I could see how pretty the place was, and was disgraced that humans let such a disastrous thing occur there… I am still totally oblivious as to how humans can willingly allow this to occur in the 21st century, however I no longer see its’ beauty… The cove has always represented death and humans’ total desecration of the seas, and now when I peer down into the watery depths and up along the jagged cliff face- I can see the suffering, I remember the screams, and will never forget the dolphins… It is beyond a shame that this still occurs, and an absolute outrage that it is hidden from the world.

Today we all once again visited the captive dolphin holding pens in Taiji, to take some photos, and see if there were any trainers around. Andy was able to test out his new device in order to gain a better look into the conditions that the captive dolphins were in at the nearby Dolphin Resort Hotel. This hotel is home to many captive dolphins, and has for a long time banned us from entering and filming the sights from within. They have tall barricades outside the dolphin areas, but Andy’s camera device was able to capture footage of the dolphins’ confinements. We were sickened to see that there was at least 5 large bottlenose dolphins in one very small concrete tank! I’m talking only a few metres wide! On top of that, there were numerous other tanks, with even more dolphins in them- they looked very sick, stressed out and were obviously showing signs of trauma.

After leaving the hotel, we ventured back into Katsuura, and thought we’d document the takings of the fishermen of the town for that day… This fish market holds hundreds and hundreds of predominately Yellowfin Tuna- sometimes other species such as Sunfish and some types of shark… Every morning we see this warehouse filled with these animals… I cannot imagine any circumstance where fishing on this scale could ever be considered sustainable…

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, we have been given time in the past few days to work on ideas… I have been focusing a lot of time into thinking of ways to encourage the awareness of more and more people- and in particular, the younger generation. We spent a part of this morning filming a ‘mock-umentary’ set in Taiji, of an ‘investigation’ based on facts- this new approach into presenting the facts of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter, and also giving the viewer a better look of the town itself will hopefully draw a new demographic as an audience. The factual humour approach we think will be a good tool in drawing this audience. The video needs some editing, and we have encountered a few problems with editing, but it should be uploaded here within a few days!

On top of this, I am very excited to let you all know that I will now be entering the medium of Video Blogging!
I will aim to create a new video every single day, showing an aspect of the slaughter, Taiji, Japanese culture, or any new projects we are working on here. The objective of these video blogs will be to engage people further, on a daily basis, and give followers a more visual representation of my time here in Taiji. Over the next few months, I will video blog about my experiences here in Taiji, especially on slaughter days. I feel as though the raw emotion and description that a video can convey is vital to people understanding what it is like to be here. I really want to show you all what it’s like to be on the front lines, especially for those of you who would all like to be here yourselves, so over the course of my time I intend to show you all the intricacies of campaigning to end a dolphin slaughter, in the hope that you share these videos with everyone you know, to help us spread the word…

That is not all… Over the past three weeks of being here in Taiji, I have been asked countless questions about my time here, about the slaughter itself, and a lot of other issues. During each video blog I will set aside time to answer any questions any of you would like to ask myself (let me know if you would like me to leave your name out of the video blog). This way, you can have any questions you like answered, and it would be a great place for those who also are curious about the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter to learn more.

So please, email me your questions, comments, ideas or suggestions to:

My very first video blog will be up tomorrow on this blog (which I will still be continuing to update daily aswell!), as well as my Youtube Channel, and Facebook Page. If you would like more regular updates, information, photos and videos from the Cove, please add me on Facebook.
For information on how to become a Cove Guardian, please check out Sea Shepherd’s Website.

Thankyou to everyone who has been supporting me over the past few weeks! I really appreciate it.
On the path to protect,



  1. Thank you Nicole! and Thank you to all the other Guardians. I am glad you’ve had these last few slaughter-less days. It is still so sad, seeing the conditions that these poor dolphins are forced to live in. I am really looking forward to seeing your videos and hopefully you won’t mind if I post them on as many different media outlets that I possibly can. Thanks again Teri

  2. GREAT idea Nicole. Given how compelling your blog and photography are, I can only imagine the enormous difference you will make with a video blog. Can’t wait to see it. Keep up the great work!

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