Continued Reprieve…

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And the days just keep getting better for the dolphins off of Taiji… We are currently on day 9 without a slaughter, and let me tell you- it is such a huge relief not to be met with the sight of an empty harbour every morning! I think the fact that there were so many, including some very horrific slaughters in a row, closely followed by 9 days of silence in the Cove has definitely messed with all of our emotions here quite a bit… We, of course, are so thrilled for the reprieve that the dolphins off the coast are getting, but I personally am very apprehensive for the next time we see those boats out on the horizon. Driving past the Cove and not having to be there for hours on end is becoming quite strange- considering how much time I spent there in my first few weeks of being here. But, I guess there’s no point dwelling on what will happen soon, when we have such great news every day to be thankful for!

Yesterday whilst filming my first video blog at the Cove we saw a Japanese man climbing out from behind the barricades blocking one of the paths around the Cove.. if we were to venture down this path (if there were no barriers) we would be able to get a much better look at the killing cove itself- hence the reason they put the barricades up in the first place (under the guise of ‘falling rocks’ as their excuse). It was interesting to see the man casually climbing over the barrier, obviously totally nonchalant about the big ‘danger, falling rocks!’ signs! Funny thing is, if that were a westerner instead of a local- the police would be coming as quickly as they could to arrest us…

Today, as with most of the days that we haven’t been needed at the Cove, we have been closely monitoring the activities carried out at the Dolphin Base in Taiji; where they keep their captive dolphins to be trained up. Watching these highly intelligent creatures obeying human commands in order to sustain themselves with food is actually sickening. Whilst watching these beautiful animals, subjected to a life of slavery for human entertainment, I unwillingly have all the images and sounds that I have encountered at the Cove constantly replaying through my mind… The thought that these dolphins’ families were slaughtered in that brutal and gruesome way, and that the captive dolphins are now compelled to live out their lives with those same images and memories is absolutely disgusting. There is no way that anyone, or any dolphin can benefit from that kind of cruelty. These animals are now going to live a life of stress, fear, trauma and frustration… hidden by a smile.
Humans cannot learn anything about the behaviours of an animal whose behaviour is forced to be so unnatural, so transformed and manipulated by human kind… the sooner that we all see that- the better. If we long so much to know more about dolphins, we need only to research them in their own homes, on their own terms, with their families and in freedom. This is the only way that accurate and legitimate scientific studies can be undertaken on the behaviour of these animals. This kind of research has been done for many years- and gains amazing results. Many of man’s most interesting and groundbreaking findings have been whilst studying dolphins in the wild… this needs to continue, expand, and show the captive dolphin industry exactly why it does not belong in modern day science. I believe that ‘modern day’ science on animals should be completely focused upon their conservation, sustainability and welfare… to do conservation research on a suffering being is completely contradictory, and should be altered for a more positive outlook for these creatures…

Many people ask about the dolphin slaughters that happen nationwide in Japan. It is common knowledge that Taiji only kill roughly 10% of the nation’s dolphin quota (about 23,000 dolphins, small whales and porpoises). These other slaughters occur all over the place in Japan, some areas include Iwate, Futo (which has supposedly revoked its’ killing of dolphins for some time) and many places in Hokkaido. There is a stark difference between these and Taiji- they do not kill these dolphins by driving methods (in other words, herding them into a cove) and they do not supply dolphins to the captive dolphin trade… They are all absolutely inhumane and highly unsustainable however, and I aim to personally research as much as I can about each dolphin hunt nationwide in Japan, and will relay the information on this blog. Of course, the slaughter of cetaceans occurring anywhere in the world is absolutely inhumane- and no matter where it takes place- from the slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faeroe Islands, to the Clubbing of baby Harp Seals in Canada, I aim to have a hand in the conservation of these animals worldwide…
Here is a Link to a website which has a whole lot of information on the Dall’s Porpoise slaughter here in Japan… Please take a read!

I have recently uploaded my second video blog! Thankyou everyone who sent in questions for it! I am definitely looking for many more for my next blogs! The feedback was really great and positive from the first blog, and I look forward to gaining any comments, ideas and suggestions in the future… If you do have anything you wish to ask or comment on, please email me at;

You can follow my videos here on this blogpage (which I will continue to update every day) as well as my Youtube Channel
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I really hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday season with their families and friends and everyone stays safe and enjoys the celebrations over the New Year…
Thankyou everyone for your continued support!
On the path to protect,



  1. Thank you Nicole. Great Job but the darn wind was working against you. Next time find something to baffle the wind from the MIcrophone. These are constructive..Thank you thank you…a faithful fan 😀 Barbara

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