Monitoring Misty…

New Years Eve here in Japan was greeted with the amazing news that today would be our 11th day with no dolphins being slaughtered! From what we’ve heard, there could still be a few days before they will head out from the harbour again…

The separated dolphin that we have been keeping our eyes on at Dolphin Base, Taiji is still there, and has not left the same corner that it has been in for quite some time now. We are aiming to observe this dolphin tomorrow very closely, to try and see how it interacts with humans when it is fed, so hopefully we can keep watch and get some indication of its’ status tomorrow.

For everyone that has been calling, emailing and writing to Dolphin Base about this dolphin, I just want to thank you. The creation and spread of awareness is very important in getting the word out about this dolphin- and will help immensely. We have been contacted by conservationists, scientists and many other people the world over about this one dolphin- so keep it up! We will continue to document the condition of the dolphin, in order to speed up the process in getting its’ much needed help.
The fact that this dolphin is sick, with a lowered immune system, and is being held in this tank is actually more disturbing than anything. A dolphin who is being treated because of sickness should be kept in healthy conditions, as it’s body is already fighting an illness. Very similar to humans. However, Misty will not recover if it remains in this tank. That is why we are trying to get something done about it.

Please keep updated with my journey here in Taiji and Misty’s health and status, if you have any questions at all for my video blog- as well as any comments or ideas, please email me! I have been receiving some really great questions so far, so please keep updated with them. Below is my next video blog filmed in Katsuura Harbour- a town away from Taiji. Hope you enjoy!

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback!
On the path to protect,



  1. Thank you Nicole. I really like what you said, that every person who has stood up for what they believe in has endured negative feedback. Nuggets of wisdom, such as these, are what keep us going.

    “An authentic attitude of compassion doesn’t change, even faced with another person’s negative behavior.” – Dalai Lama

  2. Perhaps call upon the services of Shinjiro? (wikipedia): the Japanese PM and his wife have two sons, Gentarō and Shinjirō. Gentaro is a civil right activist and lost in elections for the Lower House in 2003 and 2005. Shinjiro is a veterinarian and works at an animal hospital in Nerima, Tokyo.[33]

  3. Trying to share your FB post but receive an error message telling me I cannot. Okay, so I try to leave a comment and am told I don’t have permission and cannot. Not okay. Some problem with FB? Because, Nicole, your writing and videos are well worth sharing and I’m sure you want them shared. Please advise.

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