Get Creative and Get Involved!

There was a strange atmosphere surrounding us this morning as we drove out to Taiji Harbour in order to check as to whether the dolphin hunters’ boats had left or not… After over a week of seeing these boats tied up to their docks day after day, it was a slight shock to the system to witness one banger boat emitting black smoke, and slowly leaving the harbour. We saw two more banger boats also leaving the harbour shortly afterwards… our stomachs dropped.

These boats bore large decorative flags on them, many with the Japanese flag right on top- we assumed that these decorations must mark the tradition of the holiday season here, with New Years being the biggest holiday of the year. We were delighted to see the banger boats circle once out to sea before returning instantly to harbour… it seemed as though they were performing in a traditional ceremony- as if they were paying their respects to the oceans… Today marks the 12th day that they did not brutally end the lives of dolphins.

We went straight from the harbour after watching the last banger pull up, to Dolphin Base. We quickly checked the status of Misty the dolphin, before seeing a member of staff nearby. For privacy reasons, he asked us not to release his name- and due to his very cooperative nature we have decided to respect that. He agreed to a short meeting with Libby, as long as there were no cameras recording it. We respected his wishes, and all worked together on questions to ask him… he then gave Libby his answers in a very civilised, polite interview.

On the ground here in Taiji working at Dolphin Base, there have been three of us Cove Guardians, and we have also been working closely with two members here from Save Japan Dolphins. We intend to continue our ground work here in order to document and work tirelessly to help Misty into much better conditions… The video below is today’s video blog from Taiji- in which I interviewed Libby on what was said with the member of staff from Dolphin Base today. Keep updated with our blogs, YouTube channels and Facebook pages in order to find out what happens with Misty!

I have also announced my new project for the youth of the world to get involved in! I have had countless emails, messages and comments from young people all over the world, enquiring as to ‘what can they do??’… well I have come up with an idea to give you all an outlet to create change! I believe that if this idea takes off, it could really make a huge impact for this campaign.

I outline the project in the video below, but basically what I would like the youth of the world to do is;
Take a video, 10-15 seconds in length with AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN, highlighting the theme- “Save the Dolphins of Taiji!”. This could be in the form of getting a big group to say it, make signs, dress up, have people out on a football field spelling it out! Send the message however you like, but please BE CREATIVE and get as many people involved as you can. This is a great project for school groups, your family and friends, community groups, sport teams or just anyone you know to get involved. If you can send the message in other languages, please do so!

Of course this isn’t limited only to children, anyone can send me in a video, but if you do know young people, let them know about it and get them involved!

I will wait for at least a few weeks in order to collect many of these videos, I will then compile them together, and create a way for the video to gain huge awareness! Whether I present a talk to a Japanese university and play it behind me, project it on a big screen at the cove while they’re hunting or at the Fisheries Union… I am going to work on it! Either way, I intend for this video to do big things! I will upload the best few videos every week for you all to watch. So be as creative with them as you can!

Don’t forget to keep sending in your questions to for me to answer in my video blogs!

You can follow my videos here on this blogpage (which I will continue to update every day) as well as my Youtube Channel
Also, don’t forget to add me as a friend on Facebook if you haven’t yet- for regular updates, photos, information and videos from the Cove.

Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! I hope you all had an amazing and safe New Years!
On the path to protect,



  1. What if anyone paid the release of Misty the dolphin? Could the japanese be interested if we give them a lot of money? I am willing to give som money to free Misty.

  2. Thanks for all you are doing. We will continue to call and write.It sickens me to think that they wont sell Misty :O( I pray this is all over soon.Its just heartbreaking… God Bless

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