Holidays Coming to an End?…

It is officially two weeks since the last dolphin was slaughtered in Taiji… The reprieve for the dolphins as well as us stationed here in Taiji has been more than welcomed!

However, we are all under the dreaded impression that this ‘holiday’ will soon come to an end… This afternoon we witnessed the decorative flags being taken off of all the banger boats- it seemed as though they were all preparing for a return to the oceans. Now all we can hope for is bad weather.

We will keep everyone updated throughout the morning tomorrow on the status of the banger boats. If they go out… we will be there. If they herd dolphins… we will be there… capturing the all important footage to send to the world. We are all quietly dreading the banger boats’ departure, which could very well be tomorrow morning. It is going to be heartbreaking and extremely hard to see wild dolphins being chased by boats, after not having seen it for weeks.

We all went to the Cove this morning… it has been strange not spending any time there whatsoever in the past few weeks- as in the previous weeks it seemed almost like a second home… We would be there for hours on end every single day, and now that feels like a lifetime ago.

Today we welcomed new Cove Guardian, Simon, to Taiji- it has been really strange seeing people come and go so often, but getting so close during that short time… I look forward to Simon’s help over the next week or so!

So tomorrow I will be filming my next video blog in the early hours of the morning- on our daily trip to Taiji, to check the Harbour… I want to give you guys an insight into the typical morning for us here- where you can share in the emotions we feel every morning as we find out whether the day will end with a slaughter… Hopefully the video ends with good news! But regardless, you will find out tomorrow… So please stay tuned!

Please keep closely updated with information and details of what happens here in Taiji- and make sure you spread the word to everyone you know!

Don’t forget to keep sending in your questions to for me to answer in my video blogs! Please also send your videos to get involved with my new Youth Project- you can find out more in my previous blog, or on my Facebook Page…

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,


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  1. thanks, Nicole for “friending”!!!! Will follow you here on Word Press as I did Elora!!!! Stay strong…but take care!!!
    Hugs to you !!

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