The Last Dolphin-Free Day?

After a better night’s sleep, we all awoke this morning a little less exhausted than the one before… However, emotions were running high as we were all very anxious and apprehensive as we drove to the Harbour yet again… To find that yet again today would be slaughter free. The emotional rollercoaster that we experience here really entails that our days seem like weeks, our months like years… By the time I return to Australia in two months, I am sure it will feel like another world- and I will feel like a different, more aware person.

After Misty was moved, and releasing the footage captured two nights ago, many people have been emailing, messaging and contacting us 24/7 asking for information on where he now resides. We awoke particularly early this morning in order to head down to the Dolphin Base early to get the footage that the world called for. The reason being so we did not to interfere with the trainers who do not want the Hotel’s tanks being filmed, and would make this known to us. We filmed before they started their day, and we were able to capture the footage needed. There is a reason that the staff members do not want us to film inside their high walls…

View the footage below, and you will soon find out that we have merely skimmed the surface of the barrel of problems at Dolphin Base alone… in one small tank alone (which you can view in the video below toward the end) they are holding literally countless dolphins. We estimated eight a few days ago, however with this new footage- we are positive that there must be more. Take a look for yourself.

We have heard it from countless people that tomorrow will be the day in which the dolphin hunters will once again leave port and head to the oceans to slaughter them dry… It has been a confusing few days- we have heard many different dates from all sorts of people, but it seems as though tomorrow will be the day. Of course we’re hoping it’s not… or a hurricane miraculously hits Taiji Harbour. But with the forecast foretelling conditions where it looks as though they will be heading out- we can only prepare ourselves to be there watching and waiting.

So please stay updated with what is going on here in Taiji.

We are pleased to welcome William to our Cove Guardian team here. William is a resident of Nagoya, Japan, so we are very appreciative to have a local among us!

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,

Myself and Libby with a copy of Japan Times… check out the article title! 🙂
(“Sea Shepherd Hurt Hunt”) [The Southern Ocean whaling…]



  1. So Glad Misty is Alive and Seems to be Doing Better. Now I am Very Concerned about all the Others in what appears to be a Crowded and Filthy Tank. The Harmful Care and Treatment of these Beautiful Intelligent Animals is INEXCUSABLE>…. Taiji Dolphin Base is Atrocious and My Next Focus is for the Release of It’s Captures and SHUTTING IT DOWN FOREVER!!!!

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