The World Knows…

There were three of us this morning watching the brutality of the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter in the killing cove first hand today. We could all agree this afternoon, that today in Taiji had been one of the most brutal days we’d seen by far… I have been here almost 6 weeks now, and I don’t think I have seen inhumanity on a scale such as today…

It wasn’t a particularly large pod this morning; I counted 14 in the killing cove. From Glenda’s Hill, this gives us an aerial view of the pod. They were, once again, Striped Dolphins. As soon as we could tell their species from the Mountain Pass before heading to the Cove, I knew that I wanted to go up on Glenda’s Hill to film… As I mentioned in a previous blog, this particular species of dolphin become particularly stressed out and traumatised whilst in the killing cove… When we witness dolphins herded into the nets we see them typically trying to escape by any means- even if it is flailing onto the jagged clifface. It is horrific, brutal, sickening and words can’t describe the feeling of utter anguish that we feel as onlookers… unable due to laws enforced by human beings, to stop the slaughter of sentient creatures… Unable to help a suffering animal.

Every time I stand at the foot of the steep staircase before climbing up Glenda’s Hill, my stomach turns… it is a sense of dread that shoots through every inch of your body. Today I had that very same feeling as I walked up those stairs, only metres behind a pair of fishermen who were also heading up to watch the slaughter… though for very different reasons than me.

What we witnessed today is hard to put into words. We saw at least two dolphins drown in their desperate attempt to free themselves from the nets that the Japanese dolphin hunters drape around them… after several minutes of thrashing around in the water these dolphins become submerged, and the next thing you see is their floating bodies… being dragged under the tarpaulins.

Today, I was able to capture some of this through a small gap in the trees that cover the cove…

Youtube videos and photos you see on websites and Facebook do not come close to the real experience of seeing these animals suffer. As best as I can, I still cannot capture the sounds, cannot capture the laughter of the dolphin hunters, and the atmosphere from up on that hill… it is a feeling that words cannot relay. It is something that will plague my memory for the rest of my life- I will always remember my freezing cold mornings up on that hill, battling my emotions and confirming my worst fears. But to get that message out there, to make sure the world never forgets about the dolphins of Taiji is the reason why I do it. I don’t want this to ever be ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

All I have to say is that as long as we are here exposing the problem in Taiji- there will be people out there affected and influenced enough to help us create a change. There shall never be a time where people will look back and say “Well, why didn’t someone try and tell us? We didn’t know about it…”

The world knows about it. It is now up to everyone to stand up against it… tell every person you can- spread that awareness like wildfire. If a day comes where there are no dolphins left in our oceans, and the children of the next generation are looking to us, asking why we didn’t do anything about it… will you be able to look them in their eyes and reply, “I tried as best as I could…”

Change is being created every day here in Taiji… very small, but noticeable signs of this are everywhere. On this note, we have a new Cove Guardian who arrived with us just yesterday. She is a young Japanese girl, and over the next few weeks she desperately wants to help Sea Shepherd in any way to stop the slaughter.

I have taken this opportunity to work with her to spread the awareness and get the message out to Japanese people… Over the next few days, we will both be working on a video which I hope can play a key role in getting the message to young Japanese people, as well as Westerners… Please stay tuned for this video, and I will ask you to spread it as far and wide as you can once it is up.

Today I filmed my next video blog, covering a few topics and questions, and going over my experiences in the past few days… I was asked whether I can give viewers a ‘grand tour’ of Taiji and the local landmarks in one of my next blogs, so in the next few days I will give you all a really good insight into the Cove, Fisheries Union, Harbour and all the other locations we mention in our blogs!

If you would like to help me from wherever you are in the world, please get involved in my Youth Project (more information on my blog page ‘youth project’) which will aim to create positive media awareness worldwide.

Don’t forget to keep sending in your questions to for me to answer in my video blogs!

You can follow my videos here on this blogpage (which I will continue to update every day) as well as my Youtube Channel
Also, don’t forget to add me as a friend on Facebook if you haven’t yet- for regular updates, photos, information and videos from the Cove.

If you want to help: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing.

Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. OMG! That is so traumatic! That dolphin,the one I could see fought desperately to just survive! Those “men”. How could a human being with any feeling HELP that to happen. That dolphin drowned in it’s very habitat…I pray everyday that this will stop happening to such an intelligent creature. It will be burned in my memory for always as it must be yours..Cry For The Dolphins!!

    1. Yes these videos are sooo hard to watch. I will never forget all this hatred and terror these bastard fisherman have shown the world. I thank you for being there for those of us who cannot be there. I cry every day over all this. its GOT TO STOP. OH GOD LET IT STOP… I pray for all of you and the dolphins every day…..

  2. Hi Nicole
    Watching your video on youtube already makes me sick to the stomac and gives me a horrible and sad feeling inside.
    I can imagine what it must be like to see these slaughters ‘live’!
    Have great respect for you and all the other Sea Shepards!

  3. what i dont get here is, why cant greenpeace get in there???

    ok its lawful in there country to do this but its also legal to kill wales and weve seen many times how greenpeace can make a difference ….

    I am buddhist and wont harm a fly but can say without any quarms here i could not stand by and film this slaughter, i would REGARDLESS of arrest be in the water fighting these idiots tooth and nail…

    is it any wonder this DREADFUL country is hated so much, they kill animals for pleasure!!!

    Dogs , cats , Dolphins whats next ffs…

    I feel deep anger and resentment towards this country , they are barbaric ,dreconian and in need of a good kicking for the torture and cruelty they do towards these beautiful creatures of the deep….

    maybe im missing the point here but get in that water and provide a “”human shield””…THIS MUST STOP NOW !!!!!!

    1. I understand your anger and resentment, I feel it too and I live here, but i want you know that there are good kind people here too.
      I am not sure if this is what you meant by Dogs, cats, dolphins …. And I apologize if I have misunderstood what you meant.
      Dogs and cats aren’t eaten in Japan. This happens in other Asian countries.
      Still this doesn’t change the fact that they are killing the Dolphins.


      1. very simple answer to your question …or statement …

        why if you claim there are good people these so called good people arnt doing more to stop this slaughter of innocent creatures …

        why do 3500 villagers stand by and let this happen…sorry but in my books that makes those people WORSE than bad because they are standing by watching this happen, going about there daily routine without a care in the world whilst some baby dolphin is getting its brains beat out …

        in my country if you are witness to a crime against humanity and you do nothing you could be imprisoned for many many years as an accomplice for perverting the cause of justice …in my books i cant see any good ..only evil,cruel uncaring souls….

        Asian or not it doesnt matter ….

        what is happening here isnt just wrong its pure brutality and im sorry to say a lot of the world out there feel the same towards japan,china and any other country that alows this to happen and i can see a huge backlash of anger comming if things dont change …

        I personaly have sent the videos to not only the BBC tv but virtualy every government on this planet and i know within my heart and mind that this realy could start a huge international out-pouring of hatred if things dont change very quickly …No animal be they mamals, pets , domesticated or otherwise should ever suffer like this …

        Today through the report and the videos i have banged yet another nail in my bitterness towards Humans ….

  4. That made me ill to watch them trying to take that ALIVE dolphin onto their boat. And worse to see it floating, after fighting so hard to get away. Dammit! THIS HAS TO STOP. I feel so helpless, as like I wrote on your YT channel, with only being able to run my big mouth about this all over the internet and people I know. (And sending money too). I’m going to look into coming during the 2011-2012 season (hopefully there won’t be one).

    This just HAS TO STOP!

  5. Hi Nicole

    I am starting to worry about you, especially after reading your latest update, that you may suffer post-traumatic stress when you get back due to how long you’ve been there. Is it time for you to leave? Are SSCS organising some kind of counselling for you when you get back? I am very worried that you may burn out. Can you take a couple of days off away from Taiji? I really do worry about you. Please take time to care for yourself too. You are doing a trememdous job, more than anyone should ask of you!

    Best wishes

    1. Victoria,
      I am So so sorry, I didn’t mean to send that reply to you!!! My mistake and please except my apologies! I am not computer savvy and I sent it to you, please know that I am truly sorry!!!!

  6. Terrible, terrible blood-curdling cruelties go on in Taiji. The Terror of Taiji will never be forgotten. I agree with your post, this video & the one showing the dolphins trying to escape, throwing themselves against the rocks is probably in the top ten most horrific. These people have no heart, not a caring bone in their body. Before Cove Guardians were staying in Taiji, Japan, I had no idea these people were so cold and heartless. It’s especially sad because I used to think that Japan was such a beautiful place, but like a lot of people around think : Japan is ugly. Japan’s people should be embarrassed.

  7. I accidentally sent a response to Victoria, it was meant for Nicole. I will try remember what I wrote.
    At times like these, this is when you dig deep, way deep, inside your self and find strengths that you did not know you have. I do believe that many people will hit rock bottom in their life, I mean absolute rock bottom. At that time you can either quit, or start the climb up. When you are so passionate about a cause, you find strength and determination that you never thought you had. You are not alone Nicole, we are all with you in thoughts and prayers, and we all need you!!! We need you to be our eyes, we need you to see what we cannot. Many of us are as passionate about stopping the slaughter and enslavement of Dolphins but cannot afford to go to Taiji, have families or other commitments. But this is a group effort. We all have important roles and all of our parts ARE important. Nicole, please stay strong, we all need you so much and appreciate every thing you do. The Dolphins need you too!!

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