No Mercy…

This morning, three dolphins were separated from their large family pod… in order to meet human’s needs.

In the early hours of the morning, we all went straight up to the Mountain Pass, where we were able to gain an advantageous point of view of both the horizon and Taiji Harbour… This morning’s was a long wait- broken after a few hours by the sighting of banger boats. After the first person in the car called out that the banger boats were within sight, we all witnessed the whole fleet emerging from the mouth of the headlands. We immediately noticed the sheer size of the pod they were driving- our hearts began to race…

This mornings’ was a tense wait… there was some relief and euphoria, as the large majority of the pod (about 30 dolphins) were able to escape the grips of mankind, and were seen swimming out to the horizon- to the fishermen’s utter dismay…

After a long wait in the cold wind, we noticed a very small group of about 3 dolphins being herded toward Taiji Harbour… they were pushed by banger boats toward nets which were draped along the water off the back of the gutting barge. After a short time, we identified the dolphins as Pacific White Sided dolphins…

The dolphin fishermen took one dolphin into captivity, where it now swims around in tight circles on its’ own- remembering a time where it would surf the ocean’s waves with its 30 strong family members… The remaining two were not spared, and were sentenced to death- transported from the nets out to sea toward the butcher house… Once again, no mercy was shown by the dolphin hunters of Taiji…

If you want to help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends!

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. I am so discouraged as of late. I am at my wits end with writing letters, emails, and calling. I am tired of people saying to me how awful the dolphin slaughter is yet not doing anything to help stop it! I have called local schools to try to educate the kids and not one school has returned my calls,and today 2 more dolphins died, one forced into captivity! Maybe, I am looking at this all wrong, I am not going to stop trying, I am dedicated, just frustrated. How you guys do what you do day in and day out, I can only draw on it. Thanks for everything you do, for being our eyes! God bless you and stay strong!!

    1. Louise, your not alone…. feel the same way. Everyday this horrible news. everyday they asked us to share this, to call, to write, to email and I do and do and nothing is changing. Sometimes I think, what should I do with all this informations because its making so sad and desperate and so angry. where are all my emails gone, the calls, the letters? Sometimes I am just angry that the coast guards given us such informations…. for what? to make us feel bad? I am student here in Germany, there is nothing I can do more. But than I think… wait Tommy! this is a blessing what the coast guards doing because we need good informations, we need good videotapes to proof, to show the world the truth, because one day the truth will win. I am sure one day it will. And I am sure the real work of the coast guards will start after the hunting season, when they back home. than they inform everyone who needs to know and therefore they have my full support and I do not stop to help them, sharing and spreading out the words. STOP THE DOLPHINSLAUGHTER!

      1. Thomas, you are right. And thank you for your reply. Sometimes, it is so hard sitting here, knowing that dolphins are dying, it feels like I am missing something. It feels like I SHOULD be doing more but I can’t figure out what. Sometimes, I will try to explain this to my husband, I cry because I am so frustrated and I feel so helpless. He will tell me to not give up, to keep writing, that someday, the right person will listen. Change will come. I will not give up, I want my son to see dolphins in the wild when he is older. I want to be able to say that I made a difference. But some days, the easier road is ignorance.
        I have very strong faith, and I know that God did not create these magnificent creatures to be treated the way they are being treated. I know that the dolphins need all of us to do what ever we can for them, and I will continue to do so, what ever that is. What ever it takes and for how ever long it takes. And thanks again, Thomas, at least I do not feel alone with my feelings!

  2. If I were not too young, I would already be there and stop the slaughter!!! I want to go there and help not only here at home in Sweden. If there are exceptions for younger, if so, I would like to become a Guardian Cove!!!

  3. I definitely have the same feeling unfortunately… I spread the word everyday on facebook and put videos on my blog. I’m so sad when I see that quite none of my friends react to this horror. Only one has been horrified and react and spread the word too and is actually contacting the Seashepherd team in his city to get involved so I’m quite happy to have succeed to “enroll” one new people and hope he can do the same but it looks like a drop in the ocean.
    Anyway, I will NEVER give up cause now I know what’s happening and I can’t ignore it. So I really hope other people who don’t actually know will have the same reaction than me…
    Our only chance is to SPREAD the word, inform, inform, inform…
    Thanks Nicole to inform us.

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