Just Beginning…

A family of Risso’s dolphins will no longer be the same after this morning- when mankind sealed their fate. Three were slaughtered, three have been sentenced to a life of imprisonment, during which they will no doubtedly be separated from each other- left to mourn over their destroyed family…

The same thought has been increasingly been entering my mind whilst being in Taiji, and at the Cove… many mornings are spent waiting- for a sign of the banger boats, or for the slaughter to be finished, and the intricacies of human behaviour has constantly been on my mind. Especially the bewilderment of seeing these inhumane acts committed under the law…

During these hours on end, us Cove Guardians are given the opportunity to delve into each other’s lives, experiences and aspirations. We all come from very different walks of life, and I can safely say that I have learnt so much from every single person that I have met along my journey here in Japan… the bonds we make here are so important to coping with our experiences… Today, Bob and Rupert left Taiji, having both had a real impact on the campaign here. Tomorrow, we will be welcoming back Andy, and a new Cove Guardian Jared…

Over the past few days, I have found myself reflecting a lot on my time here in Japan so far, as well as looking to the future- and wondering what the next month here will bring. I have learnt so much just by being here, encountered things that have changed my life forever, and have developed an even deeper passion and motivation for marine conservation. My strong urge to educate the world on the dire importance of a sustained and healthy marine ecosystem has grown, and from what I have seen and experienced, my wish to educate those people who will be the future of this world has made me very determined to reach out to kids and young people all over the world to make a change.

Before I came here to Japan, I could never have imagined what the next three months of my life would bring… I knew it would be an emotional rollercoaster, with many challenges- but I never expected it to open up my eyes so intensely to the world in which we live in.

It is so easy to become wrapped up in daily trivial issues… being here has shown me that there is a lot more to be worried about. The world’s oceans are facing serious peril- and humans are lucky enough to actually have the power to change and end what is going on all over the world… before it sees the end of us.

Coming to Taiji- I knew is only to be scraping the surface of what is happening all over the world to our oceans… but to focus on an issue such as this, and to influence others to make changes and to stand up for the earth’s underwater world is an amazing step to opening everyone’s eyes up to other issues happening to our ocean wildlife… Whilst in Japan, I am dedicated to bringing about awareness to this issue, and through that awareness and passion that is inspired within others, we can create changes all over. It all starts with one person taking one step.

I want to thank you all for your kind support over the past two months, and sharing in my journey… For everyone who has told their friends and families, shared articles and videos to others, and has been getting involved with the movements and projects to stop the slaughter- I thank you… and just know that you are making a difference. There is still a long way to go, however the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter will never again be out of the spotlight until it is stopped, along with hundreds of other marine issues worldwide… My journey will be far from over at the end of next month- but just beginning.. so please stay updated with what happens over the course of the next month here in Taiji..

If you want to help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends!

Don’t forget to keep sending in your questions to pathtoprotect@hotmail.com for me to answer in my video blogs!

You can follow my videos here on this blogpage (which I will continue to update every day) as well as my Youtube Channel
Also, don’t forget to add me as a friend on Facebook if you haven’t yet- for regular updates, photos, information and videos from the Cove.

Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a fine job of reporting on this disgusting display of horror. I wish that I could be there with you, but that is not possible. For I am retired and on a very low income. I wish you and the rest there with you only the best and I pray that one day soon you will not have to be there every day bearing wittness to this nightmare.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Tom Timmons

  2. You are such an inspiration Nicole! Thank YOU for all you have endured over there and stay strong! Sad to see Rupert and Bob go but glad Andy’s coming back! 🙂

  3. Never give up Nicole! That path to protection you are paving, is being walked on by a generation that for once has their eyes open. Keep up the fight and we will continue to help you share the battle, and change will come!

  4. I would like to hugh you Nicole. You’re really an angel in the devil’s cove. Thank you so much and I hope our words will give you the support you need. We think of you! thank you.

  5. This is inhumane. My positive view of the Japanese has forever changed because of your continued extermination of wildlife.

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