Inspired by Courage

Today marked another rare day of solace for the dolphins undertaking their migration past Taiji this morning…

After a few hours of waiting up at the Mountain Pass, we were greeted with the amazing sight of the banger boats coming back in to Taiji harbour!
Shortly afterwards, we decided to head to the Cove to take a group shot- and so Nao could say goodbye to a place that I’m sure has impacted her life forever… As we all sat together on the rocky shore of the water’s edge, we reflected on Nao’s time here in Taiji, and of course our own.

Afterwards, Nao, Andy and myself went for a walk to Katsuura Harbour, where we had spotted hundreds of locals gathered together… we soon discovered that it was a local Tuna market, where it seemed as though everyone in the whole town had flocked to exult in their local fishing industry…

Myself and Nao, at the markets…

Only a few hours later, it was time to say a sad goodbye to Nao at the train station…

We have all been absolutely inspired whilst getting to know Nao here in Taiji- her determination and courage has completely blown us away… for the only person who can fully understand the fishermen and officials, I cannot imagine how hard it has been on her. Yet her will to see the end of the slaughter outshines any obstacle she may face along the way. Thankyou Nao, for your time here, your amazing courage has truly inspired me in my journey to help the cetaceans of the sea… and I look forward to the many, many years we spend working alongside each other…

Nao, Libby and myself at Katsuura train station saying goodbye…

If you want to stand up and help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends!

Don’t forget to keep sending in your questions to for me to answer in my video blogs!

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. what a wonderful group of people you are,I am so grateful to see that some humans are angels ! I pray for your continued success and for your strength to carry on this horrific task.God Bless you all and thank you…

  2. Thank you, Libby..Thank you, Nicole and a HUGE Domo Arigato to Nao for her courage and commitment standing at your sides for the dolphins of Taiji!!!! You are all winners!!!!!

  3. Nao san, thank you very much for being in Taiji. It must have been tough in a lot of ways, but you know you’ve done it for a great cause, and it deserves respect.

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