Fog and A Farewell!

For five days now, there have been no slaughters in Taiji…

For the past few days, we have been waking up to the fantastic sight of a thick blanket of fog covering the mountains, coast and oceans surrounding Taiji. The banger boats have, no doubt, been having a hard time obtaining a clear visual of the surface of the seas whilst hunting for dolphins… and have repeatedly been coming back empty-handed.

Today we had to say goodbye to Andy, who has been such an integral part of the last few months of this campaign here. We will really miss his determination around here! After leaving the Mountain Pass after having seen the final banger boat enter the harbour, we went down to the Cove for a little while in order for us to reflect on Andy’s time here, and so he could say goodbye to a place that I’m sure has truly changed his life- but a place that he will return to once again…

Before we went to the train station nearby our hotel later that afternoon to bid farewell, we all went for coffee at a nearby local café that we discovered a few days ago… the owners were so gracious and welcoming when we visited for the first time that we promised them to their delight that we would become regular visitors! The happy conversations that we have with them really brighten our days, and I am so excited to be taking classes and studying the Japanese language when I return to Australia, as I really look forward to having fluent conversations with the locals here when I return! After our coffee, we then strolled down to the hot springs overlooking Katsuura Harbour. We all sat and reminisced about our time here in Taiji together, and spoke all about what to expect when we head home…

Over the course of the last week, it has been a trying time for us Cove Guardians aside from the slaughters in the Cove… With an onslaught of disastrous news coming from back home in Australia earlier on in the week, there have been tense moments where we have been anxiously waiting on any updates from back home regarding family and friends… we had to say an untimely farewell to Jared on Thursday, as he had to return home to Northern Queensland in order to clean up after cyclone Yasi struck his hometown, as well as ensuring his family and friends were safe… since then, huge flooding has been occurring in the city and surrounding areas of Melbourne, where many of us have very good friends and family. We are thinking of everyone in these affected areas. To wait anxiously in another country to hear any news about these devastating events back home is horrible… and we can only hope that the next few weeks will bring relief in Australia, as well as other countries which have been experiencing the harsh natural power of mother nature…

As the day ended here in Japan with dinner at a nearby restaurant, we all return to our hotel rooms wondering about the day ahead… Let’s hope for more fog!

If you want to stand up and help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends! Or send me an email if you wish to get more involved…
To become a Cove Guardian, please email Libby at:

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. Its good that you have found such nice people there in Taiji when you have to be around such cruelty on a daily basis. Sometimes the kindness of strangers can make your day. I get disheartened, depressed, and feel so helpless sometimes so I can only imagine how you guys must feel. I wish so badly that I could be there with you. If I did not have this stupid disease (ankylosing spondylitis) I would be, much to my husbands dismay lol. I tend to be very stubborn when something is important to me but my body is just not willing no matter how angry I get with it. Anyway, I dont want this to be a pity party for me. I know what I am able to do and I do it and I think up new things every day….still working on my t-shirt idea, and the new video. Also my son Luc wants to put up Hot Coco stand for winter and a Lemonade stand for summer and so he has his own money to donate :)…we still have to look into the legality of that for him. You guys are very inspiring to us and so many other people and I hope you remember that on those bad days. There are a lot of us out here and we respect what you do and are so thankful you are able to do so.

  2. Amazing Young People, thank you for your Courage, your Devotion as well as your determination to make this a better world for the future of All, by helping END this Senseless Slaughter of these Amazing Creatures. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all…Be Safe all our Brave Cove Gaurdians.

  3. Today I received a letter from the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C.. I have been writing to them almost daily since September but for some unknown reason, they responded. I do not know if it is a form letter but was hand signed. Shame that most of the info is plain lies!! It talks about culture and their need to eat dolphins and kill them for population control!!! Then they it goes on to compare the dolphin slaughter to animals in slaughter houses. Both are barbaric and that is why I do not consume animal products! Still, there is no justification in the letter that will change my mind that killing the dolphins is ok. I will write to them again, I will directly respond to their ignorance. It also said I should expand myself to their culture!!! This is not about culture, it is about killing and enslavement of the dolphins!! I feel like maybe they should beyond their ignorance and realize that the world wants this bull to stop before it is too late!!

    1. I get tired of that too Louise. First it is just plain childish and second, in the US we do document and show inhumane slaughter practices unlike Taiji and other parts of Japan who attempt to hide it and pretend it does not happen. Also there are people in the US like Temple Grandin who loves animals and understands them better than she does humans who try and do succeed at making slaughter more humane. However there are still some barbaric and very inhumane keeping and slaughter of animals in the US and other countries. Unfortunately all people are not going to give up eating meat however, people in Japan do not need to eat dolphin meat, this is not the only food that is available to them. Plus, as you mention, they freely admit to killing them as “pest control”. This is also completely inane and illogical. Obviously if humans are hunting such a huge amount of fish it is the humans that are the pests! It is the humans that rob the seas of fish, should we kill and eat the fishermen? I find it laughable that they insist that the dolphin meat is food just like cow and pigs are to us when the majority of people do not eat dolphin! Also the crap about dolphins are cute and cows and pigs are ugly so its ok to kill them but not the dolphins. People have pigs as pets in many places, they are more intelligent than dogs….and I think they are cute, just as I think cows are. It all comes down to the fact that they want to justify what they are doing and will stoop to childish means to do so.

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