Terror in the Cove…

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As I stood up on top of the hill overlooking the killing cove this morning, and as the all too familiar sights and sounds of terrified dolphins met with my eyes and ears, I desperately tried to understand how any conscious human being can perform such a disgraceful act onto another sentient animal…

A lot of people say that a large majority of the Japanese population consider dolphins as merely ‘fish’- and this is an aspect of their rationalisation for the way in which these dolphins are treated in the hunts nation-wide… Of course, most others know about dolphin intelligence and their characteristics and traits that make them mammals of the sea; they give birth to live young, they have complex four-lobed brains (whilst humans and many other mammals have only three), they are warm blooded, they have complex social structures within their pod and can communicate ideas to others in their social networks.

All of this scientific fact is lost on many Japanese people, as they have come to know and consider dolphins as merely another type of large ‘fish’… or; another ‘resource’ of the ocean. The education about dolphins to the public is a vital tool which must be used to help people all over the world to understand why they should not turn a blind eye to the way in which these animals are treated and killed.

Yet, what perplexes me the most- is that while it is mostly believable that a percentage of the public of Japan consider dolphins as merely fish, with no increased intelligence or mental capacity- I do not believe for a second that the dolphin hunters of Taiji are blinded into thinking that these animals have no intelligence or heightened awareness… These men are with dolphins almost every day for a large part of the year- the fact that these animals are decision-making creatures which are self aware, is plain to see for anyone who interacts with them in the wild… These fishermen must surely know that the dolphins they are just about to kill feel emotions of terror and shock when they are driven into the killing cove- and yet most of the fishermen act indifferently to it all. They joke around and can be heard laughing out loud during a slaughter… whilst knowingly inflicting indescribable pain onto a very aware animal.

Seeing this day in and day out, you begin to wonder about the lengths that humans will go to in order to make a profit… It is sickening to me that there is even a job title in this world of- ‘dolphin hunter’…

Today I witnessed approximately 30 Pantropical Dolphins frantic with terror in their eyes and fighting for their lives. Whilst days like today seem like all hope is lost for a resolution and a near-future end to this utter madness, we all have to keep fighting for these dolphins- we must all keep spreading the word, and get the message out there to the Japanese public. Later on this year, I am planning on speaking at three different universities all over Japan, including Wakayama… I will be making a return trip, and will reach out to young Japanese students during this time- to gain a little more insight into their views and opinions, as well as educating a hopefully large number along the way. These plans are in their early stages as I am working with a few different contacts here in Japan, however it’s looking really good so far! I will of course keep you all updated on my progress…

If you want to stand up and help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends! Or send me an email if you wish to get more involved…
To become a Cove Guardian, please email Libby at:

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. I am sitting here in Germany and I am reading your words which make me very sad. It is so cruelty what the fishermen are doing with the dolphins. Almost daily I am reporting about the massacre which is done in Taiji on my dolphin website http://www.meeresakrobaten.de.
    It is very great of you, Nicole, that you can do your job although you are so young. Others in your age go to discos or to buy a new phone after another. This is her whole life. What you can stand in Taiji is unbelievable. I could not. So thank you for your staying power!

  2. I am so sorry that you have to witness the killing of beautiful, intelligent cetaceans.. I can only imagine the pain and horror the dolphins endure. It’s so very wrong…I am still dumbfounded about why any country would allow this to continue with all the evidence we have supporting cetaceans and their intelligence. And slaughtering entire pods, thats just greedy and evil. A pod of 30 dolphins takes years to form…generations of dolphins relying on eachother for life…These entire complex families are gone in a matter of an hour..never to swim together, play, jump or care for their young again…I just can’t believe it…gone forever. How can anyone in any country think this is ok????? Japan is so backwards and continues to fall back in time…pride gets in the way of necessary change. Their so-called pride will be their undoing……….it’s just a matter of time. Economy is going to collapse and never recover….

  3. I know its not right but I do wish those Dolphin Hunters Ill will. I wish the dolphins were able to fight back. We have to be there voice. I would like to see those Hunters stuck with one of those horrible spears they use to kill them, and watch them see how they react to being brutally slain. Dolphins are just awesome I have interacted with them in the wild and they have a personality of there own. I dont know I just pray everyday that God will step in before its to late. It makes me sick thats all I can say

  4. I often take friends out to show them dolphins and the first thing that gets them is the way the dolphins not only choose to swim alongside and around our boat but also the way they look right at us. There is no mistake whatsoever that dolphins are a highly intelligent and social animal, maybe even more so than ourselves. These men and women aren’t ‘fishermen’, ‘trainers’, etc, they are callous and cruel murderers and cannot possibly be of the same species as me.

    Keep the fight going Nicole, you’re an inspiration!

  5. Thank you for once again bringing the horrors of the days event. I will continue educating and informing my people of these inhumane slaughters. I only hope that next year we will not have to witness them again. But if we do, rest assure I will be here and will continue to be here after the season is done. We must continue folks and not let this momentum die.
    For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World!
    Save the Blood Dolphins!~

  6. I continuously wonder what happens in a human being that allows them to become cold and indifferent and to cause such pain and suffering. Seeing the slaughter of these animals hurts my soul and strikes a chord deep within me where my beliefs reside. Thank you for your courage and strength and for giving the beautiful dolphins of Taiji a voice.

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