An Untainted Cove

A quiet day in Taiji today… We left our hotel and arrived at the harbour this morning with the always great sight of the boats in port. Today there was quite a large swell out at sea, and there were plenty of white caps on the surface of the water- definitely not ideal weather for the dolphin hunters…

After a drive around the fisheries union, we went back to our hotel for an hour or so… not 100% convinced that the boats would not be going out to sea, we made a quick trip back to Taiji at around 9:30am to double-check that there indeed would be no dolphins in the cove today- we were very pleased to confirm this!

After making sure of this good news, we went down to the cove… we have found that whilst in Taiji on non-slaughter days, it is important to still venture down to that little beach, which holds so much trauma and sadness for us all… We often visit the cove just to spend some time together and reflect on the experiences we’ve had here in Japan- good and bad.

Today we came accross Mitch near the Cove, an American who is currently living in Japan, and travelled to Taiji after hearing about the slaughter… we very quickly got to know Mitch, who is only in town until tomorrow, and showed him around… We have also recently been joined again by Pierre, who was a cove guardian here with us back in December, Annie- a Japanese girl who lives in the US as well as Marcus, from Germany.

With all of these new cove guardians amongst us, we have spent lots of time today getting to know eachother… After our time at the cove, we went to a nearby town for lunch- where we were met by our friends at the curry restaurant, who are always so great to us when we eat there… their friendliness is absolutely amazing, and I will definitely miss their beaming smiles over the next six or so months before I return!
We went back to the hotel, and as we were all sitting together in one of our rooms- the whole building began to shake! After a few seconds or so, we had realised that a minor earthquake had just hit our town… having never felt an earthquake before- it was a surreal experience!

After merely one or two days here in Taiji, you become extremely close with other cove guardians- there is a really strong connection made as we all share the same experiences and emotions together… Many people ask me how I cope with everything I witness here, I would have to say that it is through the very strong friendships formed here that makes all the difference, and I could not have done it without the support of everyone I have met here…

We are all really hoping for more days like today- where the cove remains untainted by the innocent blood of dolphins…

If you want to stand up and help us end the slaughter: Please help us put pressure upon the Japanese government and embassys worldwide- let them know that you oppose the slaughter by calling and emailing. Also, please become involved in my ‘Youth Project’ and tell your friends! Or send me an email if you wish to get more involved…
To become a Cove Guardian, please email Libby at:

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Thankyou everyone for your continued support, and positive feedback! We all really appreciate it!
On the path to protect,



  1. Ive been in a lot of earthquakes living so many years in Southern California. Strangely enough the first earthquake I felt was in Illinois the day after I had my first son in 1986. There was another earthquake the day after my third child was born in 1992 while I lived in Las Vegas…it was the huge earthquake from California that we felt. So out of my five kids I had two that caused earthquakes LOL. They have both been my most difficult children as well!
    Im glad today was a good day for you guys and the dolphins. You are all so very strong and brave to do what you do. Thank you!

  2. you guys are AMAZING! everything you are doing there really makes a difference. You are all an inspiration to me! keep being awesome!!!

  3. Sharing your words, I and so many others keep on supporting you and all there, keep strong, from you we know what’s going on and we can act and continue to help the lovely dolphins in Taiji and in all the world, you’re amazing, be aware that we also cry and have tears rolling down on faces while watching the films, photos or knowing those horrible moments so we do not stop, never! Please keep strong and take care, thank you

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