Japan’s Tsunami Devastation…

Seeing the images and videos that have been coming out of Japan almost every minute- I have been deeply saddened by the absolute devastation that this nation is experiencing. All differences aside, the people of Japan are absolutely amazing- and in my very recent three months there, I called it home. I fell in love with the beautiful countryside and scenery- and to see it in ruins has not only broken my heart, but those of millions worldwide.

We are all praying for the people and animals of Japan over this horrific time.

When the tsunami hit yesterday, Sea Shepherd representative, Scott West, four volunteer Cove Guardians and one representative from Save Japan Dolphins were all in the midst of the devastation… After countless hours of many people worrying about their whereabouts and safety, I am so happy to say that only a few hours ago now, Scott was able to contact his family- to let the world know that they were indeed safe. After what I’m sure was an extremely tormenting ordeal, they are now awaiting a means in which to leave the town they are in. Please keep updated on their story on Facebook, and as well as the Sea Shepherd website- which I’m sure in time is where more details of their experiences will be posted…

The tsunami was reported to have hit just 8 minutes after the initial earthquake in the small town that they are in… the Cove Guardians and Brian (SJD) are in Northern Japan exposing the Dalls Porpoise slaughter. The tsunami was not reported to have much of an effect on the town of Taiji, which is much further south in Japan… I will update more when further information comes to hand. Once again, please continue to keep updated here, on my Facebook and the Sea Shepherd website for more details.

Tomorrow, I will be travelling down to Newcastle, Australia, to begin my school education talks about Marine Conservation and my experience in Taiji… Please keep checking my blogs for the video of my speech- and also more information about my plans for the International Whaling Commission meeting in July!
If you have not voted yet, you have only ONE more day in which to do so before the competition closes. This competition is for a $5,000 grant to help me travel to the Channel Islands to attend the meeting and give the youth of the world a voice against cetacean slaughter. To vote, go to this LINK and click ‘like’ on my profile.

Please keep updated here on my blog site for more information on my efforts in marine conservation issues I am currently working on, such as the Shark Nets off East Australia, and the dugong and sea turtle slaughters in Northern Queensland.

Once again, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrific natural disaster…



  1. You are wonderful, Nicole!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for this update on the whereabouts of the group! A HUGE relief to know they are all ok!!! So many people all over social media, particularly FB have been very concerned, as I know families have been too! We are all so grateful for the good news!!!! Much good luck in Newcastle and fingers crossed you win that grant!!!! and we all keep Japan’s tragedy in our thoughts.
    Take care…..FOR ALL THE ANIMALS

  2. Thanks again Nichole for an excellent informative article about the people who care about the dolphins and the dolphins. It is extremely sad about the earthquake & tsunami and devastation to Japan. Now the nuclear releases are even more threatening to their culture. My heart goes out to the Japanese who have been injured, lost, killed and who are missing their loved ones. I am glad that our Cove Guardian and Save Dolphin people have been found safe. Best wishes to all. Cheryl/aka Muffyjo on the web

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