Thoughts for the people of Japan…

Over the past few days, the scenes of devastation from Japan has reached every corner of the world… with the number of missing people rising every day and the magnitude of the destruction of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threat being realised by the world over- many people are thinking and praying for the people of Japan, and the many millions of animals that the devastation has affected.

In my time over in Japan, I instantly realised the amazing hospitality and friendliness of the people nation-wide. To know that this devastation is occurring to so many innocent lives there is heartbreaking.

The Cove Guardians and Brian Barnes are safe and well, and have now been assisted by Sea Shepherd and Ric and Lincoln O’Barry who have found a way for them to return safely from Japan. They will arrive in Seattle on the 14th (US time). During their time in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, they witnessed incomprehensible devastation and despair as they journeyed through the rubble and destruction that was once a small coastal town. During their trek, they were helped by locals who were suffering themselves… This act of kindness despite their own suffering is a testament to the kindness of many of the people living in Japan. You can read Scott’s account of their story here.

** Photo copyright Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Taken by Scott West

When I was in Japan, stuck overnight in a blizzard on the side of the road in January- it was the kindness of complete strangers who helped us with re-fuelling our car which gave us heat that ensured our safety for the night. The thought that innocent and kind people like this are now being affected by one of the biggest natural disasters Japan has faced in recent history is horrible.

The people of Japan who have been impacted by this disaster are innocent and in no possible way deserved the terror, heartbreak and complete devastation that the earthquake and tsunami has caused. If you are able, please offer your assistance to the people of Japan through donations to relief funds to help both the people and animals affected. The cost to rebuild whole towns and communities will be immense, and is not something that these innocent people should have to burden alone considering the ordeal they have been through.

On a different note- there have been reports that whaling vessels in Iwate have been destroyed, along with reports that two boats of the Southern Ocean whaling fleet docked in a port back in Japan have been severely damaged also (they were reportedly empty, so there was no human injury involved). I will update on these reports as more information is released.

I would just like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and show my huge amount of appreciation for the 4,500+ people who supported me in the Sunsuper Dreams competition! After the past few days, it was great to receive the news this morning that I had won the competition! I could not have done so without the amazing support from you all, so thank you once again. I have plenty of ideas for what I can do at the IWC to bring the issues facing cetaceans all over the world to the attention of the world’s youth. If you have any of your own please email me at !

Early next week, I will be filmed for a nation-wide TV commercial for the company, speaking about my journey to the IWC and my recent time in Taiji… I’m so glad I have this opportunity to educate many in Australia about the fact that young people all over the world are now standing up for marine conservation… I will put up the commercial video on my blog when it is made!

In two days I will be talking at my first school in Newcastle, Australia- I will upload a video of my speech here afterwards… also, if you are near the Byron Bay area, please come along to the Sea Shepherd event on Sunday the 20th called ‘Whaledance’ as I will be giving a talk there also.

Thank you all for your support once again!

Keeping the people of Japan in my thoughts and prayers,

On the path to protect,



  1. Wow…Im so glad you won the Grant. Like I said….you just need to be there. Im so happy for you :). I know its a hard time to celebrate but you worked hard for this, you deserve it and the cetaceans that will continue to be slaughtered need you to speak out for them.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Remember me? My name is Isabel. I knew you when we used to go to Sea Shepherd events together. You have done good.

    Whale Hugs


    1. Isabel!! How could I forget you my good friend!! 😀
      I really hope I get to see you this weekend at the Byron Bay event 🙂 I know myself and Howie will be so pleased to see you!
      Love Nic xx

  3. Congratulations, Nicole..I knew you could do it!!!! Richly deserved!!! Thank you this morning for your touching post about Japan and the people…….It is indeed a very sad sad situation. We all pray nothing further occurs in that country..They are suffering more than anyone can imagine…. Again, we are all glad each one of the Cove Guardians is safe and on the way back to their homes!! Take care, Nicole and thank you for all you are doing for this world and it’s inhabitants of the seas!!!!!!!xoxox

  4. Bisess fantastique, great news, happy for you and us all. IWC is wonderful to know because
    you are gifted . with Nicole is future.

    Thank you Nicole :))

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