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As this week has progressed, more and more devastating stories have come out from the affected areas of Japan… over this duration of suffering and loss, there have also been many stories of compassion, loyalty and human spirit. With the clean-up in Japan underway, there is no time like now to offer your help to the suffering people of Japan. This is such a beautiful country with some of the most amazing people I have ever met- and it needs our help. It seems as though the Red Cross of Japan is one of the most highly reccommended outlets to donate to- as they are currently on the ground helping in affected areas. But do take a lot of consideration before donating to particular funds and organisations, so you can ensure your money is being spent in the best possible ways and reaching those in the most dire situations…

This week I have been in Newcastle, NSW presenting talks to schools and gaining more ideas for the IWC meeting in July.
On Tuesday, I travelled up to Nelson Bay and went on a dolphin-watch/snorkelling cruise with Skye Bortoli, a fellow marine conservationist and young person who has been trying to educate young people for quite some time. We will both be attending this year’s IWC meeting, and have been coming up with a few ideas which will be the most effective over there! I will update when we have a clear idea, because I’m sure we’ll be calling upon as many people as we can to help! I want as many people as possible to have their voices heard in July so we will set up an outlet for that!

The below video is of a small resident family of dolphins in the Port Stephens area that bowrided along with our boat… Port Stephens is one of the whale and dolphin watching capitals of Australia, and just goes to show how much an area can benefit from the tourism that this industry brings…

In the past two days, I have been able to reach about 200 young people studying in science, marine and environmental-based subjects at high school. I have had an amazing response from all of these students- some of which are now taking part in efforts in their schools and local communities to raise awareness of marine issues! The past week has really shown me exactly how much of an impact that young people can have- and how much passion that kids possess for the environment. I have really been encouraged by the past few days that there is hope for the future of marine conservation!

To have a look at a portion of my one hour talk, click here for the video!

On Sunday I will be talking at an event in Byron Bay, Australia- I will add photos and videos up in a few days time!

Please keep checking out my blog for more updates!

Thankyou all for the support!
On the path to protect,


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  1. Your doing a great job Nicole. I had a great idea since my nephew’s b day is next Saturday. I adopted a wild orca for him from the southern resident community. I found an orca who was born the same year as my nephew, 2001, and he is part of the L pod, Lolita (prisoner of MSQ) came from. His name is Indigo or L100. He will get weekly emails on how the pod is doing and he gets a certificate with a picture of Indigo and some other cool stuff. I decided to do the same thing for my nieces this year….and, of course, for Luc :). All the money goes toward studying the orca and other marine life in San Juan Islands and Southern Vancouver Island. I thought Id post the link if anyone else is interested
    Keep up the great work!

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