A Busy Week!

So it’s been a little while since I last posted on here! I’ve been really busy this past week and a half!

At the beginning of last week I spoke at a Sea Shepherd fundraiser in Northern NSW all about my time in Taiji, my goals as a marine conservationist and how I want to involve young people in education about our marine environment… I had a fantastic response from everyone there, and it was a great (and successful!) evening where we also heard from Howie Cooke. Howie has been a long-time marine advocate, and is one of the co-founders of Surfers for Cetaceans (some of you may remember S4C being involved in the ‘paddle-out’ at the Cove a few years back) and just got back from the recent Sea Shepherd Antarctic campaign. It was great to hear from him and watch his presentation of photos from the recent campaign in the Southern Ocean… his stories were incredible! Every day, meeting people like Howie and others from all over, I feel so lucky to be following a dream that will allow me to become amongst so many inspiring and passionate individuals!

Toward the end of my speech, I asked my friend Isabel Dow to join me up on stage to read a poem that she had written about the oceans… Isabel is only 8 years old but is an amazing advocate for the oceans and does some incredible things here in Australia! In May, I will be speaking at a fundraiser she has been organising, which sounds like it’s going to be a great day- I will update with more details about it very soon!

You can watch some of my speech below:

Many of you know about how I have recently won a grant from Sunsuper, Australia to help me on my way to the IWC meeting in Jersey in July. Through the help of all of you, I won the competition to head to the meeting and be an advocate for the youth of the world against whaling. I will be heading over with a few other young girls with the goal of showing the politicians and officials that the youth of the world will not sit by any longer and watch them destroy the future of our oceans any longer…
Late last week, I spent a day being filmed for an upcoming commercial for Sunsuper, which will go to air in early April on most free-to-air channels on Australian TV… So please keep checking my blogs and facebook page to have a look at the commercial very soon!!

Next week I will be attending a meeting in Brisbane, Australia about the conservation of sea turtles and dugongs in Northern Australia. I will be meeting with people who have been long-time advocates for this issue, in the hope that I can become involved in some way to try and end the slaughter.. I will go into great detail about what goes on in my next blog, to give you all a good idea of the problems these animals are facing…
Only a few days later, I will be returning to work!! 🙂 I constantly feel so incredibly lucky, as I absolutely love my job! I will be returning to Lady Elliot Island where I work as one of the marine biologists/tour guides. My job entails educating people about the threats facing both the marine environment, and the Great Barrier Reef in particular. One of the best parts about working on the island is that it is classified as a Green Zone, which prevents all fishing and environmental destruction- so the entire reef and island is virtually in a pristine state… Every day on the island I feel so privaledged to show people exactly what the marine environment could be like if there was no human destruction in our oceans- the biodiversity is incredible!
So, to show you all a little bit more about the island, the animals there and also the threats they face, I will aim to start up my video blogs there (hopefully two per week!) which will cover a different animal or issue that faces the marine environment… Hopefully you guys can join me as I release hatchling turtles, enjoy close encounters with a variety of different shark species, and come up close and personal with Manta Rays.. not to mention the incredible coral reef! So please keep updated when I head back to the island in early April.

Very soon, I will also be letting you all know exactly how you can help create YOUR voice for me to take to the IWC meeting… I know that so many of you wish you could be there to have your voice heard, but many cannot for different reasons. Well I am heading there in order to give you all that voice- and will be coming up with some different ideas on exactly how to do that very soon… If you have any ideas of your own for me, please send me an email at pathtoprotect@hotmail.com

As always thankyou all for the incredible support!
On the path to protect,


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