From Brisbane to the Great Barrier Reef!

As we moved into April, I have been busy meeting some amazing people that work in marine conservation, as well as preparing for work back on the Great Barrier Reef!

Last Monday my commercial for Sunsuper aired on TV. I have recently won a grant of $5,000 to help me travel over to Jersey in the Channel Islands to attend the International Whaling Commission, and let the voices of millions of young people against the slaughter of cetaceans be heard… As my plans develop as to what I am going to be doing at the IWC, I will update you all here and on my Facebook so you can all get involved!

If you’d like to see the commercial, click here. I was also recently in an article you can view here.

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting with some pretty incredible marine and environmental conservationists that are working for a change in the slaughter of turtles and dugongs in Australian waters. I met Bob Irwin Senior, and Colin Riddel; both long-time campaigners for this issue… It was great to be in the same room as so many people who are striving to make a difference to such an important issue such as this. Very soon, I will add an extra ‘Turtle and Dugong’ page to this website to educate you all on the problems and the future of this practice… Everyone agreed at the meeting that the best way to go about creating change in this industry is through the education and awareness of those involved- more action definitely needs to be taken to expose the issue so more people become aware of what is going on.

Bob Irwin, Colin Riddel, Isabel Dow and myself at the meeting in Brisbane, Australia…

Two days ago, I arrived back at Lady Elliot Island to continue my work here as a marine biologist/tour guide. I have such a strong passion and love for the island and the wildlife, and I love being able to show people every day exactly what marine ecosystems could look like if they were to be protected like they are here. Showing the animals and the reef to guests on the island is so amazing, especially to see people who have never seen or swum with animals such as sharks and manta rays before!

As I announced on my Facebook, I will be starting up Lady Elliot Island video blogs, which will touch on different marine issues, animals and topics each week. I will endeavour to make two videos per week- and you can vote for a topic on my Facebook! My very first video will be on ‘Sharks and Their Conservation’. So keep updated and look out for the video which should be ready in the next few days!

I will be here working on the Great Barrier Reef for the next few months, and then I will be focusing on my trip to the IWC in mid-late June. Before then, I have been approached to speak at a few different events in Australia about marine conservation as well as my time in Japan. On the 14th of May, I will be in Brisbane to talk at Isabel Dow’s fundraiser for Wildlife Warriors, and in June I will be travelling up to Hervey Bay (one of the whale watching capitals of Australia) for their annual Whale Celebration Day, called “Paddle Out for Whales” on June 25.

Information for Isabels fundraiser in May!

If you will be near any of these areas on those dates please come along and show your support for these amazing causes!

For any questions or comments, please email me at

As always thankyou all for the incredible support! Keep those ideas coming for the IWC to my email address! On the path to protect,



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