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Hey guys!

So I have been back here at work as a marine wildlife tour guide on Lady Elliot Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for about two weeks now…
As I have mentioned in the past, the absolutely amazing thing about this island is the fact that it is a Green Zone- which means that there are laws in place to protect every living thing on and around the island. The best part of my job is to show people who come from all over the world exactly what marine ecosystems CAN look like if we were to take the appropriate care of them… Over the past few weeks in particular, I have been interacting with many species of sharks, and also countless turtles!! On top of these creatures, you can find 500 different species of corals, 1500 different types of tropical and pelagic fish, and the amazing marine mega fauna here- such as Manta Rays, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Sharks and of course Humpback Whales over the course of their yearly migration up the East coast of Australia! We have been keeping our eyes peeled along the horizon lately for the very first ‘blow’ from these amazing animals… as we are anticipating the beginning of the whale season on the Great Barrier Reef any time now!

Here on the island, we are at the end of the 2010/2011 sea turtle nesting and hatching season. Over the last week, we have had about a dozen nests emerge- with up to 120 hatchlings in each! To give these guys the best chance at life (only 1 in 1000 sea turtle hatchlings will make it to adulthood), if we find hatchlings around the island during the morning or day time, we will rescue them and release them later that night- when they are in little to no danger of sea birds or sunlight which can dehydrate them within merely hours… This is an amazing way to educate people (especially kids) about the conservation of sea turtles, and we get kids especially involved in the turtle releases- to inspire them that they can make a difference for marine life!

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As some of you may know, I have started making regular video blogs from my time here on Lady Elliot Island. To vote for the topic you’d like to see me cover next, please head to my Facebook to do so.
This week’s winning topic was ‘Sharks and their Conservation’. You can watch my very first video blog from Lady Elliot below! Shortly, I will have my second video on Sea Turtles uploaded!

Keep updated here for information about my upcoming efforts, events and campaigns! Thankyou all for the support.. If you have any comments or questions please email me at

On the path to protect,


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  1. I commented on your video. Ill bet you dont find a lot of Autistic people who get into oceans or lakes. Its mainly due to our fear and anxiety, we tend to have a lot of anxiety and have been compared to having the same fear around other people as prey animals do around predators. Getting into the water cuts off some of our senses so we get nervous. Im afraid of people so its only natural that I am afraid of large animals. I love the ocean, I love dolphins and you know I love Orca and, like I said in my post I would and have gone out on a boat. I love to swim but the one time I went swimming in a lake that I could not see through the water a fish touched my leg and I lost my mind LOL. So I do admit to being afraid of things that could possibly eat me and or bite me. Also not being able to see what is coming is very scary. However I respect life and I have an intense interest in the creatures of the ocean which is why I love people like you who are willing and able to go into the ocean while respecting the life there and bring back the beautiful videos, pictures and knowledge. I also have an older son who loves to swim in the ocean and it was fun to watch him, even if I was worried LOL. The water there looks so clear where you are swimming and Ive never been near water that looks so clear so I may be lured into at least wading into water that I can see through. Anyway, just wanted to elaborate on my post for the video as youtube doesnt allow that LOL. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the video footage, the sharks are so beautiful to watch and I wish that I was not such a chicken because I would love to do that. I saw a video of people floating on top of the water watching Orca swim under them and I wanted to do that so bad but my fear would get in the way. Im so thankful for you and people like you Nicole for more than this one reason. People who can kill animals are my greatest fear. I tried to watch that video about shark fining that was put up, I think it was called Sharks Dont Cry….I couldnt watch it, it was so horrible. How can people be so demented and cruel?
    Keep up the good work Nicole, Ill be here watching, learning and trying to educate other people. Just the other day I got someone on my facebook page to watch the Lolita documentary because she believed that Lolita should be kept in captivity. Ive send many people to your blog and posted in different places about Taiji, sent emails in protest, signed petitions, support financially….even though I am afraid to physically talk to a lot of people or get into the water there is still a lot I can do. Everyone can do their share and it helps if we all work together that way. What I cant do, you can, ect.
    Also I love the pictures of you with the baby sea turtles, they are adorable! Cant wait to see your blog about them.

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