The countdown begins!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick blog to let you all know what I’ve been up to…

Well the countdown is on until the International Whaling Commission in early July- I’m now focused on preparing for that! I’ve recently said goodbye to my little island I call home on the Great Barrier Reef (but will be back there quite often over the next few months!)… During my last few days on the island I was able to do some of the most amazing diving I have ever done- with some of the most amazing creatures inhabiting our oceans. One of which is the Manta Ray- an incredible animal, not only for its’ sheer size, but its’ grace and beauty… Over four dives in three days, I was able to encounter these creatures on every dive- as they circled right above us, getting a closer look at what would seem like aliens in their underwater world…

On the 25th of June, I will be a part of Hervey Bay’s (Australia) annual National Whale Day celebrations- giving a talk along with Bob Irwin about the conservation of these amazing animals, and also participating in their infamous ‘Paddle Out for Whales’ celebration in the bay… If you will be anywhere near Hervey Bay, Australia’s whale watching capital, on the 25th please come along to what will be a great day!

I will post more updates, photos and videos as I prepare for the IWC, as well as getting involved in more projects!
Thanks everyone for the support!
On the path to protect,



  1. Hey there Nicole, your photos are fabulous! Looks like you’ve been having an amazing time. Please stay in touch as you prepare for the IWC. You have the support of so many of us.

  2. Hi there Nicole my name is kyle and I am member of sea shepherd uk I am also going IWC I was just wandering what plans you have for the IWC if you have any

    see you soon

  3. we will follow your blog in the classroom down here in Broulee Nic, best of luck with it all you soc it to em girl 🙂 xx

  4. A prayer for the whales:

    Dear Creator – Please make the International Whaling Commission listen and take to heart the messages from Nicole and others who will be pleading for the protection of these magnificent creatures.

    Huge and glorious – your whales are slaughtered for so-called research.

    If the whaling commission can buy this absurd “research” notion – then your beautiful whales are in clear danger.

    Please help these defenders to pick the right words that will touch the hearts of the IWC and the people.

    Lord please block the Japanese fleet – that we pray is in disarray this year.

    Please forgive the human species that seems destine to ruin the bounty you have provided and help us to be better stewards of the earth – and that may mean leaving some areas alone all together.

    Finally – thank you God for everything!

    Cool photo, Nicole.

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