Safe Arrival in Jersey!

The view from the ferry of the sun setting over Guernsy- a neighbouring island to Jersey…

Hey guys!

Well just posting this quick blog to say I have just arrived safely in Jersey… After a long but beautiful Ferry ride from England, Nao and myself have just arrived at our hotel- ready for a week of speaking up for our beautiful marine mammals!

We had a wonderful taxi driver take us around the city of St. Helier, and showed us where the IWC will be held and a few other areas- even in the dark the city looks beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more of it this week! Tomorrow we will be meeting other individuals fighting for the same goal- some we know, some we will be meeting for the first time… something that I have found though, is that every time I meet someone with the same common passion for marine conservation, it is if I have known them my whole life. I’m really looking forward to meeting many more inspiring individuals this week, and sharing all of my stories here with you!

Look out for photos and videos of my week in Jersey here on my blog site every day! 🙂
Thanks for your support as always, time for me to get some sleep for another big day tomorrow!
On the path to protect,



  1. So glad to see that you have arrived safely my friend! Can’t wait for your daily updates. Sending only the best thoughts your way as you stand up for the whales & dolphins at the IWC. Before you know it, September 1 will be here again. The countdown has begun. Let’s hope that the waters of the Cove will forevermore remain blue.

  2. So glad you are there…….now for the work……Eagerly await your next update…!!!!! Thanks Nicole…best to you and Nao!!!!!

  3. Nicole it is wonderful that you arrived safely! I hope you and your wonderful caring friends have a great time together talking about ways to educate our species about the fact that we humans need our wonderful marine friends to survive on this planet!

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