IWC of a different kind…

So our first day in Jersey was a busy one!

Getting up early , we took the short walk into the town centre of St Helier- which is absolutely gorgeous… We took a bus ride to nearby St. Ouen’s Bay, in order to meet up with members of Women For Whales, Surfers For Cetaceans and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It was the very first day of the first International Whale Celebration, organised by the founders of Women For Whales… Basicically, the appropriately named International Whale Celebration (IWC) is now an event which will be scheduled every year at the International Whaling Commission- to mark the fact that there is no place for even discussing the option of whaling in the 21st Century. I hope, in years to come, that the International Whaling Commission is over-ridden by the International Whale Celebration…

After being part of the day- including a paddle-out ceremony and educating the locals on what the IWC is all about, as well as the importance of whale conservation, we left for St. Helier once again, and went down to the nearby dock to have a look at the newly painted and named Sea Shepherd vessel- the Bridgette Bardot, which had just arrived to Jersey that afternoon. It was much bigger than I had expected! We met the captain of the ship, and then went on to meet up with many of the other Sea Shepherd Conservation Society volunteers and crew nearby… It was so inspiring to sit amongst like-minded people, hearing their stories and sharing their experiences in marine conservation…

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Today, we will be heading to the Hotel De France to have a closer look at where the meetings will be held, along with more participation in the International Whale Celebrations!
I will post videos and a detailed update of our day later tonight!
Thanks again for all the support guys,
On the path to protect,



  1. Fantastic Nicole! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Have a great time and I am sure you will have a great educational experience as well! 🙂

  2. I look forward to your reporting from both IWCs. Keep up the excellent work. BTW, the “Jersey” in my name is the one across the Atlantic, not the one where you are. 🙂

    If I might ask, what widget are you using for the slide show?


  3. Really nice fotos and update, Nicole!!!! So nice to see you all there wit your beautiful happy faces knowing you aren’t there just to vacation but for one of the most important issues on this earth!!! Congratulations to you all for your commitment and focus!!!
    Can hardly wait for more from you!!!!

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