Words Aren’t Enough…

Today was a long, but interesting day here in Jersey…
Our morning saw us venturing down to visit the crew onboard the Bridgette Bardot… being the first time I have been onto a Sea Shepherd ship, I was fascinated with it, and had a tour of the inside (which was a lot bigger than I thought!).

After helping the crew run a few errands (such as heading to the Laundromat) and meeting some volunteers from the UK who had recently arrived in Jersey, we went on to the Jersey Arts Centre to attend the next instalment in the International Whale Celebrations.. A beautiful movie was played, which followed the story of a young girl and through the use of a child’s imagination and wonder, whale conservation issues were addressed- posing the question of the future of whales toward the end of the movie… Fittingly, there was a kids’ art competition judging done afterward- with artworks addressing whale conservation being displayed in the Centre.


After lunch, individuals from countless NGO’s were called upon to come together to meet and discuss issues surrounding the beginning of the International Whaling Commission’s official meetings. Between about 70-100 individuals attended, giving everyone a clearer insight into the IWC and it’s structure for this year…

There is so much talk done in this world, and so little action.

Tomorrow, and for the next few days, government delegates from countries all over the world will come together yet again and discuss the issues surrounding whaling… the fact that we need to continue the discussion is just ridiculous. For a species that has been on this earth for merely a millisecond in comparison to other life on this planet- we seem to believe it is up to us to decide the fate of every other living creature…

Being here has really shown me all of the political, legislatorial, moral, cultural, ethical, economical, social and environmental layers and intricacies intertwined within the issue of whale conservation…

It seems as though everyone gets wrapped up in the intricacies surrounding whaling and whale conservation. Everyone seems to want to ensure that the decisions made will carefully align with all these aspects and considerations… in short, the process of decision-making guarantees that it will be a significant period of time before any drastic and rapid change comes into effect.

Time which marine mammals just don’t have.

Although I whole-heartedly agree that policies, legistation, ethics, culture and so on should be acknowledged and appreciated when decision making about most issues- but when it comes to the destruction of endangered species and those species suffering extreme declines and pressure… there is no room for long term discussion. When did we, as one species on this Earth amongst millions, decide that it was our right alone to take the lives of intelligent beings- just because they aren’t the same species as us?

Whale populations on Earth are now less than 10% of what they once were before human interruption…

That in itself is reason enough to stop dancing around the decision to end all whaling. Since the moratorium on commercial whaling only decades ago, the increase in water pollutants, bycatch, noise and habitat destruction of whales has risen so rapidly that the addition of ‘scientific’ and objection whaling just seems as though humans have sealed the fate for these incredibly ecologically important creatures already. Once extinction occurs- there is no turning back… there is no law, scientific report, no academic prediction, no change of quota, no new legislation that will bring these animals back once they are gone…

The change for whales (and small cetaceans!) needs to come from a sudden, drastic change… long-term plans, proposals and discussions just aren’t going to cut it anymore…

Stay updated here on this blog for information, photos and videos about the IWC meeting, which begins tomorrow here in Jersey. I will be waking early in the morning to make my way along with many others, to stand up and speak out for whales and dolphin conservation.

If you think that your children or grand children deserve to see these beautiful creatures in the wild… I urge you to stand up too.
On the path to protect,



  1. It is a pity that humankind is not on the brink of extinction. Without us in the picture Mother Nature could correct our short sightedness within a few generations and restore this planet to a healthy balance.

    1. We may find David that in fact we are on the brink of extinction. The next 5 to 15 years being the most crucial the planet has had for millions of years. The trouble is when we go we will take 90% of life on earth with us. Otherwise I agree. I would kick back and let us wipe ourselves out. And what is the key to resolving this issue? Shark, dolphin and whale conservation. They regulate our oceans. Our oceans regulate the climate and the climate and the ozone is what keeps life alive. We are at the turning point for the Sixth Extinction event.

  2. Nicole…it’s people like you that DO and WILL make a difference! It’s so utterly overwhelming how helpless and hopeless this issue can make us feel and I for one find it a constant daily battle to stay positive and believe that change can happen. There are just SO many people completely ignorant to the plight of whales and dolphins, we’re all kept ‘in the dark’ about this (along with so many other huge issues) to keep us small. As we know, it comes down to money and greed and countries and governments licking each others’ backsides. I firmly believe in conspiracy theories!
    With sheer effort and will, we HAVE to make this issue more public, bringing it out of the darkness and shining a huge bright light on it! How often do we see these issues discussed or aired on the news or radio…the visual realization of what is going on would make peoples’ skin crawl and there would be questions and uproar from people in their millions.
    Thank you for YOUR action, I support you in all you do with love and gratitude. I am trying more and more to dedicate my time to animal and environmental issues, Whales and Dolphins being my ultimate passion!
    Sending you Blessings. Joanna x

  3. Dont give up hope Nicole. Try to hammer home the point that it is not just whales on the verge of extinction but that we as a planet are on the verge of the sixth great extinction event. Ignorance is only blissful while the world isnt dissolving around you and ours is. The lawyers and the corporations and the politicians exist in a completely different mental universe. They cannot perceive true reality through the blinkers of their own self importance. You may well not give new vision to those that are not even willing to open their eyes there in Jersey but you are assisting common folk around the world to wake up, rise up and take voice. By empowering the people with knowledge and passion the minority will have no choice but to concede to the demands of the many. Dont give up the fight and dont let the bastards get you down. xx

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