IWC Aftermath…

Sorry I haven’t been able to post much this week! I have had a busy week travelling home to Australia after my week at Jersey in the Channel Islands…

But, I am home now, and motivated for my next steps in marine conservation. After the disappointment of the outcomes of this year’s IWC meeting (not that we could expect much more!), I have never felt stronger about the need for people to not only take direct and independent action to save our oceans, but to motivate as many others as possible. Those of you who have been following these blogs for a little while now, know of my passion to inspire the younger generations to take a stand for the future of the oceans, and in effect- themselves…

One thing that I gained from being in Jersey was a whole lot more inspiration from the people I was surrounded by whilst I was there… These people come from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe to stand together for one thing- marine conservation. I would never have imagined that I would ever have had the chance to share not only meals, but stories, dreams and hopes with two of the original co-founders of Greenpeace. Whilst I was in Jersey, I met some of the people that I grew up being inspired by- many of these people are a big part of why I became interested in marine conservation when I was just in primary school… I looked around and saw so many of these ‘conservation greats’ and thought- ‘where are the conservation greats of the future?’

I will never forget my first IWC meeting in Jersey… but most of all- I won’t forget the people I met and the passion they provide this cause. It is because of these people that whales, dolphins and other creatures of the sea have a hope for a better future. That hope is still alive in all of these people- and the future of marine biodiversity is very possible, if we all stand up today.

Below is a video I made of my week in Jersey, please watch!

I often have so many people contacting me about actively getting kids and young adults involved in marine conservation and the protection of cetaceans. Whilst in Taiji, Japan, I started my first Youth Project which saw hundreds of young people around the world get involved in making videos to send to me, expressing their passion for the future of small cetaceans.

In Jersey, I finally decided upon what I will do for my second Youth Project- and I hope that this one is bigger and better than the last! It involves EVERYONE, however of course I am aiming for this project to motivate kids to get involved in marine conservation.

My next blog, hopefully later today, will have all the details about my new project- it will run for one year (hopefully ready by next year’s IWC meeting!) and my aim is to involve 100,000 people at the completion!

It is a big task… but after all, there are millions of people in this world that are concerned about the state of the world’s oceans… and I know that with all of your help we can make it possible!

So stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for updates and details of the new project coming soon! I will need all the help I can get!

Thanks for all of your support everyone, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my journey- which I will share with you all, every step of the way!
On the path to protect,



  1. I think you will get to that 100,000 people Nicole. Remember what Paul said about passion and the power of the individual. We have something that he did not when he started, and that is the power of the Internet to bring like minded people worldwide together. And the additional power (most feared by the establishment) is its ability to focus a bright light on the failures of the establishment. Politicians, corporations, and all those despoiling the world solely for profit have not yet begun to feel the power of individuals such as yourself educating & rallying people from around the world.

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