New Youth Project Launch!

Hey guys!

So this week I have been really busy out on the Great Barrier Reef, getting back to work as a marine wildlife tour guide, educating others on the conservation of the world’s coral reefs and marine ecosystems, and getting younger generations involved in sending the message!

Last Monday I was able to meet up with Isabel Dow (an amazing young environmental conservationist) and also Jeff Hansen, Director of Sea Shepherd Australia. We had a great day marvelling at the conservation work of Steve Irwin and his family just north of Brisbane, QLD at Australia Zoo- a place that truly does work solely to send the conservation message. we had a great tour of their wildlife hospital, which is currently rehabilitating dozens of native wildlife, including Green Sea Turtles. While we were there, the staff were hastily operating on a Joey (baby kangaroo) to repair a severely injured leg. The veterinarians were still working after four long hours…

I also got to hold a small talk on my time in Taiji and my efforts as a marine conservationist to a room full of people who came to hear Jeff present a talk also. It was a great day to see some of the other work going on to save Australia’s native wildlife!

I recently was called out on Tuesday morning to help out at Lady Elliot Island whilst a large school group visited to learn more about the reef… working as a marine wildlife tour guide there was the first step in my journey to get more involved with marine conservation, and I absolutely love returning to keep getting the message out there!

The group of almost 80 high school students got involved with my In Our Hands Youth Project after I gave a presentation on my time in Taiji and marine conservation in general. One by one, the kids placed their handprint on a large sheet, and also wrote a message to the politicians and authorities who make the decisions about our oceans, to symbolise that it is not just these people in positions of power who are affected by the decisions they make- it is in the hands of the younger generations to carry on in this world after older generations leave… our future depends on what decisions are made now, so by getting involved in this project is a way in which these kids can have their voices heard before it’s too                                                                      late.

Thanks to all the kids from Varsity College on the Gold Coast for getting involved. Later this year I will visit their school and give the same presentation in front of hopefully many more students, also getting them involved in the Youth Project also!

Check out the video below to see the Varsity College students at work on the project!


Later next year I will be presenting all of the sheets combined together to those authorities I mentioned above (at the next International Whaling Commission and similar political conferences concerning our marine environment)- I will ensure that the messages get to those decision-makers that really do have our futures in their hands… I want to change that; I want kids to have more of a say in environmental conservation… I want their future to be in their hands.

To get involved, you can read more about the project by clicking HERE. Send me an email and I will let you know where to send your sheets to. This is such a quick and easy way to involved your friends and family in sending the message. If you are in a sporting team, club, school, church etc- get as many people involved as you can. I can’t do this project without the help of others… Send an email to me at to find out more!

Next week I am flying to Tonga in the Pacific Islands to encounter and film Humpback Whales in the wild for my documentary, ‘In Our Hands’. I will have a video up at the end of the week showing my time there! (You can probably tell that I am pretty excited!!) 🙂

I will update soon on when I will be heading back to Taiji, which will definitely be within the next few months, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget that the hunting season is due to start back any day now, with a current typhoon in the area postponing the Sept 1st starting date… Make sure you stay updated on what is going on in Taiji, and spreading the word whenever and wherever you can!

I hope you’re all well! I will be updating here again very soon!

On the path to protect,




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