A week at ‘the office’…

Many of you who regularly read my blogs may know about my background working on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as a marine wildlife tour guide. Over the past week or so, I re-visited not only my place of work for the past few years, but what I consider to be my ‘home’- Lady Elliot Island.

After returning from Taiji, Japan earlier this year, my life, passions and dedication to conserving the marine environment has taken me on a whirlwind of new adventures and experiences in the last 9 months… I chose earlier this year to work casually on the Great Barrier Reef as my new conservation work would have to see me leave home (or even the country) for weeks at a time.

But I occasionally get to return to my beautiful little island home, and for the past 10 days or so I have been thoroughly enjoying working and filming amongst some absolutely amazing animals. In the past few days alone I have been able to get extremely up-close and personal with manta rays, sharks, sea snakes, octopi and of course the beautiful sea turtles that frolic around the island all year ’round. To take the time to enjoy what got me started on my journey in the first place is a very humbling and fulfilling feeling… and to have Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort as an official sponsor for my working documentary ‘In Our Hands’ makes it all the more special!
You can head to my Facebook Page to see more photos of my time filming on the reef! ๐Ÿ™‚

While I’m on the subject of the doco- I have recently been in touch with a teacher at a primary school in Punchbowl, NSW Australia, and she has been able to get the kids in her year 1 class involved in my ‘In Our Hands’ youth project. Watch this beautiful video to see the kids get amongst it and standing up for their future marine life!

On Tuesday, 15th of November, I will be attending ‘Steve Irwin Day’ at Australia Zoo, to remember a great man who stood up for conservation in Australia, and who has left behind him a legacy which will carry on for many generations…

I will have a stall amongst other Sea Shepherd tables where I will have sheets for members of the general public to come and put their handprints on… If you’re in the Brisbane area, come by and say hello and add your hand to my project! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep yourself updated here over the next few weeks as the next chapter in my journey will unravel…
On the path to protect,




  1. Wow ! you’re right back on your beautiful little island home,magnificent, the serenity at the end of the eyes and heart.Thanks again Nicole…

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