For those who look away…

I am pleased to report that here in Taiji, there has been no slaughters for the last few days… partially due to weather conditions, also to the dolphin hunters’ inability to locate a pod… While on these days it seems fitting to be glad that the slaughter of sentient and self aware beings will not occur in the killing cove of Taiji, there is more to it…

On days where the hunters are unsuccessful in finding dolphins, there is always that lingering sense that it is highly likely that the migrating dolphin populations are ‘thinning out’ across the coast of South-East Japan- just as they are in the rest of the world… I have read that over 60% of small whale and dolphin populations have been wiped out from the oceans, due to a huge range of factors such as by-catch, pollution, habitat destruction and of course mass slaughters. Humankind are wiping out the oceans much faster than most people know about. It has been reported that within the next few decades- all the world’s fisheries will be in a complete state of collapse.

All I have been thinking about lately is that if this were to happen, who or what will humans blame for the cause of the death of the oceans…? What will children say to their parents in generations to come? I know I am incredibly scared of trying to describe a world where the oceans were full and alive to children who just won’t understand… children who will grow up having no idea what a sea turtle, dugong, shark, dolphin, whale etc even looks like! This is the reality that younger generations face today…

The thing is- the politicians, businessmen etc of today won’t even see the impacts on the oceans they are having right now! They will be gone- leaving young generations of today the mess to clean up. Honestly, I don’t know how some of them can look their children in the eyes…

What is one of the most important point that I will raise in this blog is that every nation is somehow to blame for the destruction of not only our oceans, but our environment as a whole… Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will be the first person to stand up and speak up against the environmental destruction that my own country, Australia, is involved in- anyone who thinks that their home country lives in complete peace with the natural world is literally kidding themselves. If you disagree, have a look at THIS LINK and see for yourself.

For anyone who is reading onto this sentence right now that did not click on the link above- make your way back up and click on it! It will be maybe 2 minutes of your time, go and educate yourself about what is really going on in this world… behind the attractive packaging in supermarkets, behind the corporate suits and behind closed doors of every government in this world…

Over the past few days, I have had some very eye-opening experiences and conversations here in Taiji… it is time for me to pass this message on as my duty to act and stand up not just for the dolphins, not just for the oceans or even the environment. But for the future of life on earth.

Will you accept your duty to act? Or will you falter just the same as many generations before us, and accept our doomed species for the destructive way in which we ALL live…?

Next year I am taking the initiative of going directly to the source of these problems- the leaders of this world… I will be heading to Brazil in 2012 to take the messages of young people from around the world who WILL stand up for their futures to the United Nations Conference for the Environment- a conference that hasn’t been held for 20 years; when I was a newborn… I am hoping to bring with me over 100,000 messages, urging the leaders of today to really take a look at what they are doing to the world today… and tomorrow. If you’d like to have your say, go to this link (or just click on the title ‘In Our Hands’ above). To do something about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji in particular, click here.

On the path to protect,




  1. Always a pleasure to read your updates Nicole, thanks for all the great information, and remaining steadfast in your misson!
    Cheers from Canada,

  2. I look forward to being part of this movement (however small or large it may be) with all those no longer wanting to be a slave to tyranny, no longer wanting to be neutral to oppression and no longer wanting to ignore the destruction hypocritical to “the way of life”.
    You are amazing Nicole – we all are – we all must be !

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