A Hero In Jail

I owe a lot to Erwin Vermeulen…

A rugged appearance and a heart of gold- that is how I would describe Erwin. We spent about three weeks together in Taiji, Japan, standing up for the conservation and protection of marine mammals. Erwin was arrested two days before I left Japan- I was one of the last people to see him and speak to him in the seconds before his arrest…

Erwin has spent much of his life focused upon the protection of animals, a passionate, generous and caring man. I could not think of anyone else with a better character, loyalty or integrity for the conservation world. Through and through, he is a man that would not hurt a fly- he actually was the person who made me decide to fully become a vegan, after having been vegetarian for three years. He opened my eyes a little wider to the injustices happening in our world today…

Now, the injustice is being forced upon himself… He has been in Japanese prison now for over 40 days, his trial has recently begun.

Erwin stood with me as we watched families of intelligent, ecologically significant and socially intuitive animals being ripped apart and slaughtered in front of one another…

Erwin stood with me as we watched thousands of tuna, shark (without their fins and heads) be thrown around a fish market floor, tagged and labelled for mankind to eat…

Erwin stood with me as we bore witness to a dozen Manta Rays having their ‘wings’ hacked off their bodies whilst they were still alive…

Erwin stood with me as we watched dolphins being fastened, dragged on the sides of boats and transported to live a life in captivity after having seen their families slaughtered…

I ask of you, who is the real criminal here…?

Erwin stood up against all that is wrong in the world. Greed and the indifference for innocent beings and the environment…

Erwin stood up. That is why he is being punished. That is why he is being made an example of in Japanese courts… For those who stand up make a difference, those who stand up for what is right can change the mindsets of millions of people. Those who stand up can rid the world of greed and the need for power.

Those who stand up can change the world…

Now, we all need to stand up and support a man who has done nothing but try and make the world understand that there is more to life than greed, power and money… there is more to the ocean than what is on our plates. We need to show the Japanese Government that we will not be silenced  in our fight to make the world aware of what is going on, we will not be deterred from our mission to save the lives of innocent creatures. We will continue to stand up.

So, stand up and support Erwin Vermeulen. Click HERE to support Erwin on Facebook and to find links to help spread the word, emails of support can be sent to: freeerwinvermeulen@gmail.com

On the path to protect,




  1. This is so sad, shame on japan, shame on the Japanese people, and shame on the human race for letting these atrocities pass!

  2. With all my love to Erwin and Sea Shepherd Crew I’d like to express my gratitude for the great work they do.
    I can’t go to Japan but my heart is with them all the time.

  3. Dear Nicole, it doesn’t get any better written like you just did ❤
    I got this article by a friend and want to say THANK YOU for touching me !
    You're an inspiration for our next generation : Chapeau ☼

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