Conservation Making Waves!

The past few weeks have seen some great things for the movement to protect our oceans and the wildlife within!

On the 14th of February, I was honoured to be able to talk amongst some amazing environmental campaigners on the issue of marine conservation- I also got to talk a little about my In Our Hands project also! I was joined by my favourite young campaigner and good friend, 9 year-old Isabel Dow, the youngest member on the advisory board for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, also present was Australian conservation icon, Bob Irwin (father of Steve Irwin), turtle and dugong conservation advocate, Colin Riddell and young shark conservationist Madison Stewart to name a few… We spoke outside of Queensland Parliament, and a few MP’s came out to hear what we had to say! It was a fantastic day, which brought a lot of awareness to the issues also! You can watch my speech below!

More great news for our friends in the sea followed this week when Cove Guardian hero and my good friend, Erwin Vermeulen was not only (finally) released but was found not guilty for false ‘minor assault’ claims made against him by workers involved in the dolphin slaughter and captivity industry in Taiji, Japan.

I was standing next to Erwin on the day of his arrest on the 16th of December last year- he was put in jail without any witnesses or evidence of his guilt. Needless to say, the case put forth against Erwin was lacking and did not hold up in court- and Erwin’s integrity whilst being in jail made for an embarrassing day for prosecutors only yesterday, when Erwin was freed and found NOT GUILTY! For a legal system that boasts a 99% conviction and confession rate, Erwin defied the odds and retained his innocence until the end… You can read more about Erwin’s case here.

The Japanese Government‘s efforts to take legal action to stop Sea Shepherd from thwarting their attempts to kill over 1,000 sentient beings for profit in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary was also rejected in US court this week, read about that story here.

With all of this great news, I am more and more determined to continue my fight to protect our ocean wildlife! My current focus is getting support for my ‘In Our Hands’ campaign, comprised of the youth project and the documentary. For those of you who would like to know more about it and how to get involved, click here.
I’ve decided that this project will continue to run until the end of this year- when I will hopefully present the sheets to our Australian Prime Minister (whoever it may be at the time!) and the Minister for the Environment. In June, I am aiming to travel to the United Nations conference for Sustainable Development in Brazil to present the sheets there aswell! So if you’re working on sheets at the moment, try and get them in before the end of May! If I can’t make it to Brazil, I will find another way or event to present the sheets on a global scale! πŸ™‚

Very soon I will be heading on another trip to dive and film underwater for my documentary, ‘In Our Hands’ So stay tuned for photos and videos! πŸ™‚

If you’d like to support the In Our Hands project, you can get involved by making a sheet, contacting local media in your area to get interest going, or donate to help me with my mission to inspire and educate young people to protect our oceans! Or, if you’d like to sponsor the project, write to me at

Thanks for all the support, guys!
For more frequent updates, ‘like’ my Facebook Page! πŸ™‚
On the path to protect,


Have you submitted your letters to the Australian Government to help our oceans yet????

As mankind have allowed these conservation issues to occur, turns out we are the ONLY species that can stop and reverse the effects that our decisions have on the environment! The only way in which we can do that is by urging our governments to protect our oceans! It takes ONE minute of your life to save thousands of species! ONE minute less of your time that you would have probably wasted on Facebook anyway πŸ˜‰

Your mission!
1. Click HERE to enter your submission to urge the Australian Government to protect the Coral Sea and create the largest marine sanctuary in the world!!


2: Click HERE to send your email to the government to help protect the 600 tonne of (~78,000 individual) sharks taken every single year from within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park…




  1. Well you do well in yer work an i like seeing the good strong arm an hand going out to those that need to beware of this should go out farther then it is i wish there was more caring then there is green planet an happy ocean in stead of dead whales an dead Dolphins every were or cruelty of penning up the poor things for food eating them is not the solution what is the solutions they are changing the way we live when one see’s how we live then they should learn an teach others so we form one big chain an we as well fix the bad damage on earth far as i see it no changes happen an guess what buy bye we are doomed to get that chance as of now we have one time to change an fix an grow back what’s been lost not just the ocean is dieing its the hole planet when the planet go’s we go with it people seem to think they own it no safe place to go or run mother nature going to take all live stock an human stock no if’s no butt’s it just happen’s so over this year so far i herd an seen to much care less thing’s happing dieing an strungeling in this harsh world you have to see this planet is 1.dieing 2. enough green house gas to start a global stag party for they sun 3. the planet is getting over Populated to much crime to much destruction that could of started WW III 4.where’s all the money going an who has it all Australia is broke the United States almost Broke an there’s no Work to save any body of losing there home. so what to do it’s just not all about the cove or about whales it’s about every thing going to hell an who’s to blame well i say blame the those running Country’s an the United States when the United States go’s down the tub every body around the United states go’s

  2. Hi Nicole, Just wondering when you need the sheets by? I would love to send some in but I’m not sure if I’m too late.
    by the way, you are awesome!

  3. Nicole, So glad you got the photos from the rally. It was lovely to meet you and hear about the In Your Hands project, your doing great things. Thanks for all the hard work. πŸ™‚
    Jackie Curtis
    Jaxybelle Photography

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