Send your video to free Paul Watson!

There is big business in destroying the oceans… big businesses with powerful connections.

Big businesses that underestimate the power of compassion.

One of the most important and influential people in marine conservation today, Captain Paul Watson (founder and Director of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and co-founder of Greenpeace) has been held in Germany due to a ‘navigational violation’ in Costa Rica ten years ago whilst Sea Shepherd were escorting an illegal shark finning boat back to port to be prosecuted.

The entire incident was caught on film by Rob Stewart for his award winning shark conservation  documentary, Sharkwater. Watch the it all below (scene from the documentary, Sharkwater):

He faces extradition to Costa Rica from Frankfurt, Germany and what proves to be a very uncertain fate: Paul personally feels that extradition to Costa Rica would be a death sentence- given the fact that the arrest is politically motivated (even Interpol refused to associate with Costa Rica’s demands) as well as the Costa Rican Mafia’s tight connections within the shark fin trade.  Farley Mowat feels the same: ‘I have a dim view of this conspiracy and if we allow Germany to extradite him, he will likely disappear, it will be equivalent to nailing him to the cross.’

There is only one more day to tell the only two people in the world that can overturn the decision to extradite Paul, the German Minister for Justice and Minister for Foreign Affairs that Paul Watson should be freed! When governments take up the side of illegal shark fin poachers over Interpol, you know something’s up.
Here is your chance to help make your voice heard! Send ME your 5-10s video urging officials to ‘Free Captain Paul Watson!’. I will combine them all and produce a video to show international media, governments and thus the world that we will not stand by and watch as Paul is sent to a Costa Rican jail!

Please get them in by Saturday 19th May, 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Please share this around! The more people that get involved, the more impact this video will have! 🙂

Watch and share this video I made upon the day of his arrest!




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