The Big Adventure!

Ok… so I know I’ve been pretty quiet on here for a while, but I’ve been spending a little while brainstorming for the In Our Hands Campaign- and am going to let you know all about what I’ve come up with!! 🙂
So, in order to reach as MANY Australian youth as possible, I’ve begun planning a huge road trip/marine education tour around the coast of Australia! Set for the beginning of the school year in 2013 and running over a few months! At this stage I plan to go from North QLD around the East Coast (e.g. Cairns,Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron, Coffs, Newcastle Sydney etc etc). I’m hoping (it will depend on sponsorship) to end up in Western Australia’s Broome (Taiji, Japan’s ‘sister city’ in Australia) or in the Kimberlies! The map above shows a possible route for the road trip!
I will be stopping by at towns and cities along the way and talking at schools, universities and events about the issues impacting on our oceans and environment, why it affects us and why it is SO important for young people to know that they can have a brighter future with a healthier ocean, and they can make their voice heard to urge the leaders of today to rectify the mistakes of the past… so here’s where YOU can help! 🙂
Do you know anyone who’d like to be a part of the big adventure to support the education of the youth on marine conservation issues/solutions? I’m looking for:

* Teachers/lecturers/university and school students who are interested in me coming to talk about ‘marine conservation/following your dream and having your voice heard’ to their classes or whole school/university. (See map to see if I will be in your area). Includes: 1 HR Audio Visual/ Spoken Presentation and 30mins for students to optionally get involved with the In Our Hands Project. Click HERE to find out more about this project.

* Event co-ordinators for stalls, fundraising events, festivals, school fetes etc etc that may want to have me talk at, organise an ‘Eco Warrior for a Day Kid’s Club’ or make an In Our Hands banner with guests at their event.. I would love to get in contact with Sea Shepherd Chapters all around the coast Australia to maybe tee something up in your town or with a local school 🙂

* Also anyone with any media contacts to get the word out there to individuals around Australia to get involved! Especially media that targets youth 🙂  

Remember, I am still on my mission for 100,000 handprints! Hopefully this tour will help me reach my aim! 🙂 I will also be filming this adventure for my documentary so you/your school or event could be in it 🙂

Let me know if you can help the IN OUR HANDS EDUCATIONAL ROAD TRIP! … I need to come up with a better title 😛

Also I thought I’d mention that it is now less than 70 days until the commencement of the six-month dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan.

I do plan to head back to Taiji again sometime this season, as I said during my first 3 month campaign in Dec 2010- it is something that has deeply touched and stirred my soul, I will continue to strive to be in Taiji assisting with the campaign to end the dolphin hunt and captive trade every year until it is over.. It is so important to have people on the ground there, and I can tell you from experience that it is so much better for the campaign when we are there in higher number. If you have always thought about it or are in a position to go over I urge that you do (maybe you’re already planning a trip to Japan between September-March?)… Every person counts. Contact Scott West to apply to become a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian in Taiji

As always, thank you to everyone’s support and kind words! 🙂 Please send an email to if you’d like to help!

Nicole 🙂


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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I just had the first talk in my daughters class here in Ireland. They are only small, 7 to 9 years of age, but they were all very interested. Plastic was an eye opener to them and I let them make drawings. The best ones went off to the red letter day….then they will go on Valerie Olemans children’s drawings competition site. I met a principal from a Dublin school and she just had had seen many dolphins before she saw me and I discussed it with her and said I should try it first in my daughters class and then we are going to take it from there. I ‘ll have to contact her again soon. Beautiful all these synchronic events evolving on the planet….
    Good feeling that all these children are going to hear about this….

    Lots of Blessings to you,


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