My Favourite Colour!

This morning we were extremely happy to report that all 12 ‘banger’ boats returned empty handed! The cove stayed blue today 🙂

Although, as we are reminded constantly here in Taiji, there’s always something going on, something to look out for.

Earlier on in the morning, the horrors from the last few days were reinstated when Guilherme saw a skiff with dolphin killers inside, sneaking into the killing cove while most of the other dolphin killers were out at sea. They procured from the killing cove the body of a small pilot whale, which they habitually concealed under tarps and delivered to the butcher house. The fact that it was a smaller whale alludes to the possibility that it was unintentionally killed during the previous days’ slaughter- perhaps they did not want us to expose this, resulting in their secretive movements today.

It was a short wait up on the promontory this morning; myself, B, Harrison and Raphael were stationed at the headland monitoring the horizon for glimpses of banger boats.. a few hours into the wait, Guilherme and Scott joined us from the cove, and as we were waiting, Guilherme took us to check up on the surrounding beaches- where he had spotted a pilot whale that had been washed ashore a few weeks previous. The pilot whale was part of a remaining pod which was ‘released’ after a slaughter in Taiji over a month ago… The trauma incurred within the Cove is quite evidently the cause for the strand.

It was a shocking reminder of the fact that these pods are hugely affected by the hunts, and when released- they will likely not survive without the stable social structure that they have known for generations.. Sitting only a metre away from this rotting carcass- I cast my thoughts to only six weeks ago, when this now decaying body would have been swimming freely in the vast ocean, swimming along with 100 other beautiful pilot whales, learning, teaching and interacting with each other. Then, with a short intake of breath, the putrid smell entered my nostrils and I could not bare to be nearby the body any longer than to take a few quick photos.. It is a smell that I would never have been able to comprehend having never smelt it.. it makes your head spin and your stomach churn.

This is what mankind has done to such a beautiful animal. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether the animal is beautiful at all- simply because it is alive, that gives it the right to continue to live…

As we walked back to the carpark from the promontory with mixed emotions about the day and what we had seen, something caught my eye. It was the single most amazing butterfly I have ever seen, sitting in the middle of the road in front of me. I find nature to be like therapy, you revert back to feeling child-like when you’re around animals, there is so much to gain by understanding and spending time with animals..

Constantly, no matter how hard the day, we all need to take the time to appreciate the beauty that does still exist in this world- for it is the only way to protect it…

“Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard”
-Standing Bear

Educate yourself on what’s going on in our oceans and make your voice heard! We will be updating live from the cove most days- you can keep updated on the official Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians’ Facebook Page. Or follow #tweet4taiji on Twitter!

Here’s hoping for another blue day tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. Thank you, Nicole for being there, reporting and maybe (who knows?) mentally supporting the dolphins. Even though I find it horrific to see, I follow the reports on FB and with tears in my eyes, I spread the bad news amongst everybody I nkow. These brutal killings are beyond my limits of comprehension and off course I want it to stop. I do not have the courage to go to Taiji myself, but fortunately I have other means to contribute to this cause.
    I am glad that there are courageous people like you, who go to Taiji to give the dolphins a voice and spread the horrible news. All Cove Guardians have my deepest respect and sympathy. Not in person, but in heart and mind I am there with you. I wish you strength and comfort when the cove turns red. With you I hope for another blue day tomorrow.


  2. Thank you for all you do! Know that although we are far away, our hearts are with you and we continue to work for peace in Taiji and for all living creatures great and small! Namaste

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