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Nicole speaking at a shark conservation rally in Northern NSW, Australia

Nicole speaking at a shark conservation rally in Northern NSW, Australia

“You have not yet lived, until you have found something worth dying for…”

I’ve always had a passion for the ocean. There was never a question as to where my life would take me. In my early teenage years, all I wanted to do was learn more about our ocean and I aspired to spend my life studying it. Then, I found out how badly affected it has been from very recent human interactions- if nothing is done, much of the biodiversity in the sea will be destroyed.

The major problems have arisen due to the impacts of just one species- human. Therefore, we are the only species that can solve these problems, and as much of an inconvenience or disruption it may be to the comfortable life of some, it is absolutely essential for the survival of mankind on this planet. For without a healthy ocean, there are no healthy humans- there is no life on Earth.

Nicole scuba diving/filming in the Solomon Islands

I started to become involved in conservation efforts when I was 15, and a few months after I finished high school, I began a degree in Marine Science. During my first year of study, I began working on the Great Barrier Reef as an island and reef tour guide. It was working here for almost three years that gave me a whole new respect for these creatures, by experiencing them in their world every day. So now, my life will be spent trying to protect life in our oceans, and to inspire others- especially the younger generations- to do the same.

It was at 19 years of age in 2010 that the opportunity to help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on the ‘front line’ arose… I accompanied volunteers from across the world to Taiji, Japan, to help document and expose the slaughter of dolphins and small whales- featured in the documentary, ‘The Cove’ the campaign exists to keep both the dolphin hunts and the international captive marine mammal trade under an international spotlight. I first learnt of the slaughters at age 12 in 2003, when activists from Sea Shepherd exposed them to the world.

Nicole documenting the dolphin drive hunts in Japan

And so I travelled to Taiji, Japan in 2010. Since then, I’ve spent four months there over three seasons, working to expose and ultimately, end the targeted slaughter of marine mammals and the captive dolphin trade that drives the killings…

I’m also focused on a number of marine conservation issues within Australia and other parts of the world, including the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Last year, I travelled to the UK to attend the International Whaling Commission meeting to give a voice to young people all over the world who are against the slaughter of marine mammals.

In 2013 I joined other young ambassadors for a national Youth Education Tour of 40,000+ students at schools and universities across Australia which aimed to educate others about the importance of ocean protection.

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* You can read about my time in Taiji by reading my blog entries from December 2010-March 2011 and also in November-December of 2011.



  1. Hey beautiful girl I have an incredible respect for what you do. You would have to be a very strong and passionate individual to be able to stick by this no matter how hard it is and how difficult a problem it is to try and fix. I salute you and wish I could be one day half as great as you.
    I from what i’ve been reading it seems really hard but somewhere in amongst it i hope you’re having fun.
    Stay strong georgeous girl.

  2. vous etes merveilleuse je suis un amoureux fou des dauphins et je vous soutiendrez toujour vous etes vraiment formidable vous et votre equipe sauver les dauphins please snif snif que dieu vous garde merci pour eux et un peu pour nous y love oh yessss

  3. Thank you all so much for being there. You are truly appreciated from us that aren’t able at the moment to make a stand (physically), although I have been doing all I can cyberly! I’m a supporter and believer in all you and the Sea Shepherd are doing and although I know it must be heartbreaking for you, I cant thank you enough for being there. I wish with all of my heart that you don’t have to witness any more days of slaughter, for the dolphins and for you, but realistically I don’t think that time has come yet….soon hopefully. Luck, prayers, hope and peace to you all. Niki xoxoxox

  4. Wow! You are a true inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work. Your parents and your country must be so proud of you.

  5. Hello Nicole,
    I’m french and I live in Corsica (paradisiac island in France).
    I found your informations on Facebook. What a chance you have to go with Sea Shepherd in Taiji.
    I have a new page on FB to protect oceans (and any live in them) and a future web site, in french and english. I wish to relay and promote information to french people that don’t understand english (most of them). And informations in french are very poor on such subjects.
    My question : may I translate some of your articles and may I take some pictures of dolphins and others to illustrate our articles ? (with backlink…)
    http://protectoceans.com (actually just home page)
    Many thanks
    A future free dolphin (in my next life)

  6. Thats amazing what your doing over in Japan right now fighting to save the dolphins.. I want to do the same thing you are doing… becoming a marine biologist and save whales and dolphins is my dream job and ive always wanted to be a marine biologist. Although im 17 i cant wait to get the chance to fight for the marine wildlife

  7. Thank Goddess for people like you and the work you are doing.
    I have spent time in Hawaii with the Humpbacks and endless hours swimming with the wild Spinner dolphins….magical, intelligent and extraordinarily beautiful Beings.
    I send you love and blessings and thank you from my heart. I pray things change soon.

  8. Thank you for your heroic bravery, passion and action. You are an example and inspiration for us all. Please continue your efforts and continue to spread the word and share your ideals.

    Warm regards from Alaska,

  9. Hi Nicole,
    Keep up the great work! The presentation you gave at LEI about Taiji was awesome and I look forward to keeping up to date on your adventures.

  10. Hey, it’s Abby, i was just wondering if you were in Taiji already? i so i hope you and all the cove guardians are doing ok because of the typhoon.
    Thank you again for what you guys are doing, and thanks for sharing everything on your blog.
    It’s important for us, those who can’t be there, to be informed of what is happening.
    I’ve being trying to contact the medias , because i cannot understand how they doesn’t talk about it on the news, even about the grind that took place today in Feroe island.
    Ok keep the good work guys!! May God be with you every single day and heard our prayers!

  11. Hey Nicole,
    Very impressed well done, you’re way ahead of me for sure. I only started getting involved a year ago when I saw the art of Aguasonic Acoustics in San Francisco. I liked it so much I started a compant Whalesong Art to sell his work and recently launched.
    Our aim is to create discussion about the plight of cetaceans through discussion about the art and we give 1% to WDCS.
    It really works to break the ice when people see a t-shirt in the pub and say ‘whats that’ then I can talk openly to them.
    Anyhow we’re Fb friends already so cool,

  12. Hi Nicole,

    You are a insperation to EVERYONE and this couldnt happen with out you. I may only be 13 but i am very passionate about marine Biology too. Hopefully one day i waill do what you do, and help the situtaion in Taiji.

    Aimee 😦

  13. It is fantastic, the work you do, you have such a wise head for a young woman and i would like to thankyou for all the work you do, fantastic, i know you will and have dedicated your life to the worlds, beautiful ocean friends, THANKYOU!

  14. Just read about your plans for a documentary film about your year saving dolphins sounds great cant wait to see it as its what we should all be doing and it should be on the TV for every one to see. keep up the good work, dave.

  15. Dear Nicole. I am living in Switzerland and I am active for the protection of the oceans and their habitants, especially dolphins and whales. I like your project: in our hands and I would love to help you collecting the sheets with the handprints. I want to try to go to schools and organise a day or two in the public here in Switzerland. Now my problem: i have to translate your website, otherwise the people don’t know what they work for…. Is there already a German version of your text on your website? If no, I would start translate it.

    1. Hi Gaby,
      Thanks for getting involved in the In Our Hands project! 🙂
      I would love to start setting up translated versions of the site! 🙂 It would be great to get some translations up and I can start working on a German blog site!

      Let me know how you go with the project in any case- my email is pathtoprotect@hotmail.com

      Thanks again! Nic 🙂

  16. hey nicole,
    i just visited lady elliot island with my school and it was only just night where i heard your amazing talk about the conservation of marine life.
    from as long as i can remember i have loved the ocean and you have truley inspired me to make a difference and im so greatful for that.
    all the best for your future and i hope i can do something as important as you have done.


  17. Hi Nicole!! What an inspiration you are and you are making a difference. I plan to be a teacher and will look forward to updates and ideas on how to teach all children about oceans and the ones that live in the ocean and how we can save them and make a difference like you do everyday. Thank you for everything you do each and everyday.

    Much love, Cindy carroll

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